Meet the Staff: Shanika

November 8th, 2012

Name: Shanika K. Wright

Current occupation at Brooklyn Industries: Store Manager of Brooklyn Industries Chelsea.

Hometown: Baltimore, Washington D.C.

Now living in: Harlem

Favorite place to eat: Pequena in Ft. Greene.

Favorite BKI Tee: For personal reasons, it’s a toss up between Ali and Golden Ratio.

Currently obsessed with: Black leather journals and Belgian street art.

If I had a super power, it woud be… The ability to stop time.

When I was 16, I was wearing: Over half of the exact clothes that I wear today! Docs, Creepers, a ratty band tee, leather moto jacket, and an oversized gaudy sweater.

Favorite book: Wild Seed by Octavia Butler.

Favorite word: Stellar!

On my iPod right now: Tom Waits, Moondog, Wu-Tang, Pit Er Pat, Dang Nasty, Niki & The Dove, Nina Simone, Mumford and Sons, and my friends from Belgium, Dynooo Crakk and Cupp Caves, to name a few.

Favorite blog: My friend Lauren B. is a Mastermind!

How I Live, Work, Create: I laugh a lot! I am constantly exploring ways to destroy clothing, then reconstructing into something wearable. Because I never learned how to properly do laundry, I’ve developed some amazing bleaching techniques that I like to experiment with on denim amongst other things. I’ve also become a wizard at being able to make almost garment age at least ten  years. I take photos and also write infrequently for Belgium zine called “Ride Bikes”

To meet and learn more about Shanika, stop by her Brooklyn Industries Chelsea store at 161 8th Avenue, New York, NY.

The Model Musician

November 1st, 2012

If you recognize this Brooklyn musician, it’s because you’ve probably seen him in our Fall shoot in Redhook. We caught up with Sean Wood at his home which doubles as his studio in Bushwick, where the JMZ train roars along between takes right outside of his window.

What do you do? I am a musician – songwriter, singer, performer. I play the violin, piano, guitar and create programmed beats.

Tell us about your creative workspace and how you work in it? My workspace is in my bedroom in Bushwick. I have all of my instruments, mics, midi controllers, plug-ins, etc. in my personal space. It can be a little confusing at times knowing when to focus on sleep, and when to focus on “work”, but the intimacy and proximity to my own personal space I have found, can be a good thing in terms of efficiency :)

What are you inspired by? I’m inspired by a myriad of things. Love, loss, joy, sillyness, family, friends, cheaters, haters, lovers. I have way too many musical inspirations to name off.

How do you “Live, Work, Create?” When i think of this motto, I think about staying true to myself and my motivation in what I love to do, which is music. So I guess I “Live, Work, Create” everyday. I wake up thinking about music and my family and how to love people better, and how to be happier. I go throughout my day with this and I hustle, hustle, hustle. It’s the New York way. I will always be living, working, and creating music – for myself, my community, and for my sanity.

Shop The Arthur Sherpa Shawl Collar Jacket

Listen to Sean Wood’s music here, and check out the release party for his new record Sudden Love at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on November 18th, 9pm.

A Message To Our Customers

October 30th, 2012

Window Intrigue

October 23rd, 2012

We found this video on YouTube from a fan of our entrancing store window currently on display. Our Window Designer Koh Tomioka and our Creative Director Vahap Avsar alway try to have a little fun with our windows – you can check out some of our past ones here.

Behind The Design: Japanese Schoolgirl Meets Nouvelle Vague – The Domino Dress

October 19th, 2012

Shop the Domino Sheer & Pleated Shirtdress

Brooklyn Brewery x Brooklyn Industries: 2 Brooklyn Institutions Come Together for a Night of Dancing

October 16th, 2012

Mark your calendars – on Tuesday, October 23rd, Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Industries are teaming up to throw a good ol’ fashion Williamsburg DANCE Party at the Brewery’s beautiful brick warehouse. We’ve always been partial to their beer (our recycling bin can personally attest to that), so we were especially excited when they gave us a call and asked us to design a new shirt for them – we one upped them and made two!

The first design, Neighborhood Pint is inspired by the many flavors of the different Brooklyn neighborhoods, that when put together create this great borough of ours. The design also includes the now iconic Milton Glaser Brooklyn Brewery logo.

For the second shirt Beer Tower, our Graphic Designer channeled her father’s old beer stein collection. They say our parents shape who we are, and for Meagan, it’s definitely true, as she brought back six of them from her trip to Belgium last month. “When I first saw a watertower, I thought, ‘how good would it be if it were filled with beer?’ ” Perhaps one day, our two companies can make Meagan’s dream come true.

On Tap – Brooklyn Brewery x Brooklyn Industries

Tuesday, October 23rd from 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Brooklyn Brewery

79 N.11th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn

RSVP at:

The Corlear Bag: a Little Grit, a Lot of Style

October 12th, 2012

In our opinion, New York City isn’t the same without a little bit of grit to it. That’s why for our new line of made in-house bags, we turned to Corlear’s Hook, an area in the Lower East Side that was originally a Lenape tribe territory, and was settled by the Dutch family Corlaer in the 1600′s. The land was situated on the East River directly across from the Brooklyn Navy Yard and our headquarters in nearby DUMBO, and served as a vital navigation landmark for over 300 years. In the early 1800′s, it became the stomping grounds for many a streetwalker and was the etymological inspiration for the term “hooker”.

There’s a little bit of that Dutch design sensibility incorporated into the design, mixed with a little maritime influence. The collection is 100% cotton canvas with no environmentally damaging fluoropolymers or formaldehyde, with a wax finish and saddle leather trim. All three utilitarian styles: back pack, messenger and tote are perfect for daily use, whether you’re trekking to work or out and about around town.


The Postcard Tees Series by Vahap Avsar

October 10th, 2012

Ali Men’s Graphic T-Shirt

Ali is regarded as a hero by the Sufis in Turkey and posters of this picture used to be hung in almost every Sufi households. Ali was the cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. In Muslim culture, he is respected for his courage, knowledge, unbending devotion to Islam, and equal treatment of all Muslims. The image disappeared when the printing company that created the posters in Istanbul went out of business in 1999. As part of his project Lost Pictures, Brooklyn Industries Creative Director Vahap Avsar found the iconic images and started repainting and reintroducing them. This Ali painting was reproduced and the posters were given away at Avsar’s museum show in Berlin this year where the lost images came back into circulation.

Free Screening: Brooklyn Castle at Brooklyn Industries 1 Boerum Place

October 3rd, 2012

Working in such a vibrant community, we often get sent music, movies, artwork, among other things in hopes that we can help share it with the world. When this disk landed on our desks, we weren’t sure what to make of it, so we popped it in the player. After a couple of hours and a few teardrops later, we had immediately made up our minds.

We had to do something to help.

Brooklyn Castle documents the after school chess club at I.S. 318 in Williamsburg through the personal stories of a handful of players and their committed instructors. I.S. 318 is a humble middle school in every sense of the word – including financial, yet their inner city chess program has developed into a national powerhouse, routinely capturing national titles – 26 to be exact. But more crucial than the awards, the documentary highlights the empowering effects the game has on the students’ lives, from academics, to their home lives, to the emotional maturation of the adolescents – in a sometimes ridiculously heartwarming fashion. With severe cuts to school budgets in the city, the chess club, among other after school programs, is facing extinction. We called up the Director, Katie Dellamaggiore shortly after, and decided to collaborate on a T-shirt design, with portions of proceeds from the shirt going to help fund the program. The design plays off the name of the county the school resides in – Kings County, and is fashioned after a varsity athletic feel because at I.S. 318, the chess players are the star athletes.

The film initially debuted at SXSW last March, and is scheduled to screen at Sundance in October, but a week before on Saturday, October 13th, Brooklyn Industries will put on a free Brooklyn screening at our 1 Boerum Place location. Come see this amazing film for the first time, help support the movie and chess club, and try your hand at defeating some of these young chess athletes for special prizes (warning – you probably won’t win). RSVP at

Shop the BK Castle Eco Tee. Portions of the proceeds to the I.S.318 chess program.

Catching Up with Documentary Photographer Bess Adler

October 2nd, 2012


Bess Adler, braving the elements in the Alexander Wool Toggle Duffle Coat, the Alma Sheer Utility Pocket Blouse, Matinee Fine Checkered Shorts

Bess Adler’s white and gold bike and 5 pound bag always catches our eyes when she rides by. We caught up with her and wanted to know what catches her eye. Turns out it’s been a pretty wide range of subjects from the competitive world of American bodybuilding to the building of Ubuntu Blox Factory in Port-au-Prince. As a documentary photographer, she currently is exploring alternative approaches to sustainable living with a family who has created their home inside a gutted school bus which runs on vegetable oil.

“My work is driven by a curiosity to capture subjects who invite me into unfamiliar worlds which is why I try to travel as much as possible. I am extremely appreciative of the learning process that my personal projects have taken me through and I’m always excited to tell these stories.”

Within her ever growing body of work, we were especially inspired by her photojournalist work seen in some our favorite Brooklyn newspapers.

Outside her Greenpoint studio in the Charm Neck Tie Pullover and Mavi Denim

“I love shooting for newspapers because of the vast diversity in assignments. My day could bring me anywhere from photographing a new restaurant in Red Hook to documenting Brooklyn’s last working seltzer factory in Canarsie”

Having grown up in Midwood and now based in Greenpoint, navigating the borough to get from one assignment to another for this Brooklyn native is an easy task, made even easier with her single speed Trek District 3 which has not only become her standard form of transportation but also a source of inspiration.

“Riding is just relaxing – it lets me clear my head after one assignment so that I can focus on the work ahead. Also ideas will always pop into my head as I am visually taking in the landscape.”

But her favorite way to relax is Thursday night tastings at Dandelion Wine on Franklin Street.

“It’s a great community activity and I always say yes to delicious wine and cheese. The only times I don’t go is when I have a lot of editing that needs to be done. Then I bring my laptop to Troost and order a beet sandwich with iced tea. I guess it’s a win win situation.”

Adler, relaxing on her couch and mini gallery, with the Lace Applique Pullover and Ornament Lace Pencil Skirt

See Bess’ work at