Meet the Staff: Shanika

Name: Shanika K. Wright

Current occupation at Brooklyn Industries: Store Manager of Brooklyn Industries Chelsea.

Hometown: Baltimore, Washington D.C.

Now living in: Harlem

Favorite place to eat: Pequena in Ft. Greene.

Favorite BKI Tee: For personal reasons, it’s a toss up between Ali and Golden Ratio.

Currently obsessed with: Black leather journals and Belgian street art.

If I had a super power, it woud be… The ability to stop time.

When I was 16, I was wearing: Over half of the exact clothes that I wear today! Docs, Creepers, a ratty band tee, leather moto jacket, and an oversized gaudy sweater.

Favorite book: Wild Seed by Octavia Butler.

Favorite word: Stellar!

On my iPod right now: Tom Waits, Moondog, Wu-Tang, Pit Er Pat, Dang Nasty, Niki & The Dove, Nina Simone, Mumford and Sons, and my friends from Belgium, Dynooo Crakk and Cupp Caves, to name a few.

Favorite blog: My friend Lauren B. is a Mastermind!

How I Live, Work, Create: I laugh a lot! I am constantly exploring ways to destroy clothing, then reconstructing into something wearable. Because I never learned how to properly do laundry, I’ve developed some amazing bleaching techniques that I like to experiment with on denim amongst other things. I’ve also become a wizard at being able to make almost garment age at least ten ¬†years. I take photos and also write infrequently for Belgium zine called “Ride Bikes”

To meet and learn more about Shanika, stop by her Brooklyn Industries Chelsea store at 161 8th Avenue, New York, NY.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Aww yes! Shanika!! Thanks for mentioning the blog girl! <3

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