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Friday, September 24th, 2010

Our photography and store window campaign “Freedom and Adventure” launched this week, along with our October Collection. So what is Freedom and Adventure? It’s an advertisement you can put on any aspect of your life: your walk to work, your commute, your daydreams. What we hope is that when you read the “Freedom and Adventure” signs in our store windows you travel somewhere else, beyond just a retro 80s ad campaign.

For this photoshoot, we also traveled somewhere else. We were obsessed with the idea of Suburbia in Brooklyn. Maybe it was because of our concert partnership with Arcade Fire or all the back-to-school hype, or the retro vibe that we are feeling right now. America is suburbia, America is escaping suburbia. Brooklyn is not suburbia, but could we find a slice of it here? 

Ditmas Park is about as close as you can get- tree lined streets, huge Victorian homes, and backyards with pools. Personally, I have always secretly wanted to live there and have never been able to afford it. But really, do I want suburbia in Brooklyn?  Probably not. That’s why after a morning of Ditmas, we headed over to Prospect Park, and then to the Greenwood Cemetery and then to the beach in Red Hook. Why the beach in October? Really, because it was so hot the day of the shoot (85 degrees) that we were dreaming of water, ice cream and swimming. The models weren’t too happy to go up to their legs in the East River but it cooled us down.

Lastly, Freedom and Adventure was also standing underneath the BQE and catching our gent handling orange traffic signs.  Not too much to do – suburban boredom meets highway escape meets trying not to get run-over.

To view more photos from this campaign, click here.

Old House

2 on steps

Woman in the water

 Aqua Wall 1Forest man and woman

 Underpass 3


Friday, September 24th, 2010

Synched, textured bags are all the rage — or so we think. The Margarite Handbag Collection was named after one of our favorite French writers Marguerite Duras.  She is most famous for The Lover and Hiroshima mon amour, but you should definitely check out The Ravishing of Lol Stein, Destroy, She Said and her collection of short novels. She speaks to a poetic isolation in her work that is iconic and startling.  The bag group has sublime colors that pop and recede, with pink lining and a great fashion twist.

{by Lexy}


Marguerite Duras c/o

Marguerite Duras c/o


Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

She’s back! And we’re psyched. Our customer favorite, the Fjord Down Coat is here again to warm your days and nights. Available in stores & online.  



Friday, September 17th, 2010

Brooklyn Industries’ Seventh Avenue location in Brooklyn was hit hard by the quick but fierce “tornado-like” storm that swept through the Park Slope area yesterday. Several of the store’s windows were blown out and one of our employees suffered minor injuries. 

Fortunately, everyone is okay (including said employee). Our amazing staff from several of our other stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan came to the rescue, going into recovery mode immediately to clean up the debris. The store is open for business and the windows have been replaced.

We’d like to send a huge THANK YOU to all of our neighbors in Park Slope who offered to help after the storm.

Floor after storm



Friday, September 17th, 2010

We’re excited to reveal our Lumberjack Plaid Flannel Collection. These button-down shirts feature super-soft brushed back cotton, available in custom prints — four for men and two for women. Channel your grunge Nirvana 90s style once again with the Grizzly Plaid or Lawrence Sport Shirts for him, or the Rustic Plaid Button-Down for her.  



Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

By now, you may have heard of Fashion’s Night Out – the night to celebrate fashion like a champ across all five boroughs. Brooklyn Industries is joining the party, too, with a music-filled event at BKI Smith Street. Plus, we’ll have exclusive fall merchandise featured at our Fashion’s Night Out booth at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal. Celebrate with us! More details are listed below or here.



Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Summer unofficially ends this weekend. And with it, so ends the first annual Brooklyn Industries Summer of Music.

Earlier this year, we here at BKI put our brains together and asked “What do our customers love?” Well, one thing they love is music. And so do we. So we decided to give our people what they love - and so happened the BKI Summer of Music. With the help of our amazing partners (ABSOLUT® BROOKLYN, The Brooklyn Salsa Company, Warner Brothers Music, MuseBox, SESAC, some ad hoc bartenders, “sound guys” on the fly, and talented bands & musicians) we were able to host a series of stellar shows. In June, we packed our Union Square store basement for Indie Music Nights with Savoir Adore and Dead Phones. And we did it again in July with Living Days and The Rassle. We watched ATHLETE do a chill Saturday afternoon set at our SoHo store. We sipped “ABSOLUT Stoop Party” cocktails to the tunes of DJ Spin Diesel at the Smith St. ABSOLUT BROOKLYN Happy Hour. DJs Frank White in Boston and DJ Isaac & DJ Bizz in Philly rocked out our DJ Saturday events. And Zach Williams brought a café vibe to Chelsea during the “Zach Williams Live” event. And despite the heat, The Orion Experience had the crowd jumping at our SoHo store.

We also sent our fans to tons of shows through our giveaways series to see The National, Arcade Fire, MGMT, Lollapalooza and more. 

We hope you enjoyed it. Here are a few photos and a video from the Summer of Music that was.  

summermusic3 kelly


ATHLETE Acoustic Performance


Savoir Adore at Indie Music Night



Smith st. event

DJ Saturday in Philly

DJ Saturday in Philly