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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

We’ve launched our July collection in stores and online. The collection and photo campaign, which was shot by Lexy, highlights our 19th century New York workwear-inspired pieces. Keeping seasons and transitional-wear in mind we layered short sleeve wovens with lightweight tencil jackets, tucked long sleeve shawl collar sweaters into wide waistband skirts and wrapped men’s scarves over graphic tees and under knits. Combining summer trends and styles with a pre-fall attitude and edge was the challenge. We accepted, and consider it a mission accomplished.


Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

You may have heard of something called ABSOLUT® BROOKLYN by now. As we mentioned earlier this month, BKI collaborated with ABSOLUT®, designer FUSE GREEN and Habitat for Humanity to produce a limited edition t-shirt of which 20% of proceeds from sales of the tee will support Habitat’s NYC chapter. ABSOLUT® sponsored the Fifth Annual Brooklyn Blogfest earlier this month where the t-shirt was revealed for the first time. ABSOLUT® also threw a kickin’ launch party in Dumbo’s Powerhouse Arena soon after, where all of those working at the party wore the BKI exclusive t-shirt. Here are some pics from the events.

The Brooklyn Industries Collaboration T-Shirt is Revealed

The Brooklyn Industries Collaboration T-Shirt is Revealed

Party better abs
The ABSOLUT BROOKLYN launch party

t-shirts at bar



Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


We have a lot of catching up to do! BKI has had a busy last couple of weeks and very exciting news to share: our amazing CEO, Lexy Funk, has been named the Metro New York Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® 2010 in the retail, distribution and manufacturing category. This award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs who are building and leading dynamic, growing businesses. Of course, what better dynamic and growing business is there than Brooklyn Industries?! Lexy was presented her award at a gala event in Times Square, New York on Tuesday, June 15. 

Lexy is very proud to receive this honor: “Brooklyn Industries is what it is today because of our creative and entrepreneurial spirit. I am honored to be recognized as the recipient of this prestigious award.”

As a Metro New York award winner, Lexy is now eligible for consideration for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2010 national award. This winner will be announced at the annual awards gala in Palm Springs, Cali on November 13, 2010. Take it all the way, Lexy!


Monday, June 21st, 2010

Name: Shiquana
Hometown:Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
Current Occupation at BKI: Sales associate at SoHo
Inspirational websites:,
Best (summer) activity ever: I’m a mellow person, don’t ask for much except a nice night breeze in the tropics!
Musical artists: Anita Baker, Lauryn Hill and the Fugees, Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, Santogold, TLC
Favorite word: Cheese
Currently reading: A Million Little Pieces by James Frey
Currently eating: Rice, peas, cabbage and baked chicken…yum!!
Favorite BKI item: Exaggerated Knit Blazer! The name explains it all. It’s very flattering to the body and you can form several different outfits. Love It!!!
How do you represent Live, Work, Create in your life: I try and soak up as much knowledge as possible. I live for a positive surrounding, I work so that I can open up doors of opportunity for myself. I design and create all sorts of things and I’m filled with gratitude when someone recognizes my crafts.


Thursday, June 17th, 2010


We started carrying Lillian Crowe Jewelry this Spring, but what do rib cage and (literal) heart-shaped necklaces have in common with Brooklyn Industries clothing? We spoke with Lillian to get her take.

BKI: Do you find shoppers hesitant to purchase body part designs such as the spine or the rib cage?
Not if they have a backbone or guts! No, but seriously, it seems that people are either all about it and love it on first viewing or don’t get it at all. I don’t really think they’re the kind of pieces you can convince someone they like. They’re sort of like a litmus taste for an obscure strand of taste, which most interestingly, can apply to people whose outward taste is anything but obscure.

BKI: What kind of feelings do you want your pieces to evoke?
Lillian: (Intense feelings of emptiness!) I want them to create a void people didn’t realize was in their jewelry collection that can only be filled by bringing the piece(s) home with them.

BKI: You say that each piece is made to order. How long does one necklace take to create?
Lillian: The casting can be tricky as the pieces are very intricate and can lose detail in cooling. Also, the finishing of the pieces (I do it all myself) can be a bit labor intensive. I’d say from the time someone orders a piece it’s a minimum of 5 days turnaround.

BKI: How would you like people to perceive your jewelry?
Lillian: Ideally, as something exciting that’s happening in a genre that can sometimes seem uninspired.

BKI: How did you feel when Brooklyn Industries reached out to you about carrying your line?
Lillian: I met Lexy on my most underslept (and crazy bird nest haired) day at the Pool tradeshow in Vegas, which is ridiculous since we’re both New Yorkers! As soon as I saw her badge, I started rambling about growing up with Brooklyn Industries and my high school memories of their ads featuring hip hop artists and eventually she smiled and walked away, saying she’d be back, but I was pretty certain I scared her off. I was completely surprised and thrilled when she came back hours later to buy some pieces to bring back to New York! I was totally shocked and extremely excited but also alone, so I instantly started text messaging my friends who grew up in Brooklyn, knowing how much it would resonate with them and that they’d feel the same way I did.

BKI: What makes Lillian Crowe jewelry a good fit for Brooklyn Industries?
Lillian: I think my line reflects the spirit of Brooklyn Industries. Everything is made in New York and at least half of the materials in every piece are reclaimed. I am very influenced by the city and what I see on its streets. I think, like Brooklyn Industries, it speaks to a customer who is aware of their purchasing power; what they are buying, where it is coming from, and what it reflects about them when they wear it.

BKI: Where in New York did you grow up? And do you see yourself designing in other parts of the world?
Lillian: I grew up on the Upper West Side, very close to Lincoln Center. My father actually grew up where Lincoln Center now stands. I love every and any excuse to travel; I’ve studied abroad in 3 countries and traveled to many many more, so I’d never say no to an opportunity to work somewhere else, although I’m fairly confident I’d always come back here, as I always have in the past. There’s an energy and wonderful mix of so many people and cultures here that you really can’t find anywhere else. It’s a renewable source of inspiration.

BKI: Do you have any funky rituals to get into a creative mindset?
Lillian: I think living my life is a funky ritual. I do or say whatever strikes me regardless of how it may be interpreted by others (thanks dad for that one!) and I think it really helps me to be in a creative mindset all the time and have the ability to be inspired at any moment by almost anything.

Select Lillian Crowe designs at Brooklyn Industries can be found here!


Monday, June 14th, 2010

Name: Gwen
Hometown: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Current occupation at BKI: Store Manager in Williamsburg
Creative muses: Mandelbrot, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Albert Einstein, Nature, Django Reinhardt, Doc Watson, Rocky Erikson, David Grisman, Dr. Alimantado, Aaron Howard, Sebastian Masuelli, Iggy Pop, Paul Laffoly, Nikolai Tesla, Victor Theramin, Wayne Coyne, George Harrison, John Lennon, Amy Ray, Ken Kesey, Hunter Thompson, Bill Hicks, The Smurfs.
Inspirational website: – if you haven’t checked this guy out..his art is incredible.
Best summer activity EVER: Barbeque–forever
Favorite word: Janky
Currently reading: An Introduction to Fractal Geometry.
Currently eating: POPS and Acai juice
Favorite city: Brooklyn
How do you represent LIVE.WORK.CREATE in your life: I try to do something creative at least once a day. Exercising the creative muscle is where I find some purpose and meaning in this chaotic and sometimes seemingly absurd existence. I like to collaborate with my friends on projects-sometimes video, sometimes, collage, sometimes music. It’s fun to make art with your buddies!


Thursday, June 10th, 2010

British indie-band ATHLETE kicked off our Summer of Music campaign this Saturday with a performance at our SoHo location. The intimate event was a special treat for fans who couldn’t make it to their sold out show at the Bell House that evening. Even though the event fell on one of the hottest days of the year so far, everyone in attendance enjoyed the acoustic afternoon set of songs band members Joel and Carey performed from their latest album Black Swan. One lucky fan, who already had tickets to their evening show, was happy to get personalized autographs and even happier to pose in a few photos with the guys – which we believe wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for us!

Check out the photos and the videos below.


Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Our limited edition t-shirts in collaboration with artist FUSE Green and ABSLOUT® vodka have arrived! They’re available for a limited time only in New York City stores and online.

The t-shirt celebrates Brooklyn stoop life and is in association with the launch of ABSOLUT’s new flavor ABSOLUT® BROOKLYN. Filmmaker Spike Lee has also partnered with ABSLOUT® to celebrate Brooklyn and its creative, unmatched culture.

We were so excited to meet FUSE when he visited our design studio, and impressed with how beautifully he was able to depict the vibe of Brooklyn through his use of color, quotes and landmarks within our brand’s watertower image. Our t-shirt and the ABSOLUT® BROOKLYN bottle both represent building 165 in Fort Greene – the stoop where Spike grew up. Other cool highlights of the graphic tee include an alteration of the Lars Olsson Smith seal of the ABSOLUT bottle. On the t-shirt (and on the bottle!) Lars has been “Spiked,” wearing a baseball cap and glasses evocative of Spike Lee. (Look closely with the zoom view on our website!)

On Tuesday, we kicked off the collaboration celebration at the Fifth Annual Brooklyn Blogfest, where Spike Lee talked about his ties to Brooklyn and his support of our t-shirt, which is for a great cause! Twenty percent of proceeds will be donated to Habitat for Humanity in New York City. ABSOLUT® is also donating profits from sales of ABSOLUT® BROOKLYN to Habitat for Humanity.

Luckily, the fun doesn’t end with the tee. We’ll be hosting ABSOLUT® HAPPY HOURS at BKI stores this summer so stay tuned! Here’s a “taste” of what you can expect in store! Bottoms up…

1 part Cranberry Juice
1 part Ginger Ale
Build over ice in highball glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

1/2 part Malibu® Tropical Banana
Orange Juice
Build over ice in a rocks glass. Top with orange juice and garnish with an orange twist.

2 parts Ginger Ale
Squeeze of Lime
Pour over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.


Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

There is no doubt Red Hook has many hidden gems, which is why we photographed our latest campaign on its stomping grounds. One of those gems happens to be Lucky Gallery located at 176 Richards Street. We spoke to Gallery Director Laura Arena about what makes Lucky so special and why you should go.

Name: Laura Arena
Occupation: Gallery Owner/Director
Years in New York: 2.5
Years Managing Lucky: 1 year and 1 month

BKI: Why start a Gallery in Red Hook? Why not Chelsea or Williamsburg?
Laura: I love Red Hook. I moved from Provincetown Massachusetts, which is a beach community with a lot of colorful character and characters, including fisherman dive bars, drag queen karaoke and ocean views. Red Hook is my Provincetown. I love the idea of community and having entrepreneur business around me. It was an ideal place to open up a gallery that focuses on community and is a bit outside of the norm.

BKI: And why the name Lucky? Where did it come from?
Laura: Lucky was not my idea. In fact, the gallery actually was just a far fetched plan to get a man from Romania to move to New York City. He moved and it did not last long. It ended shortly, a few weeks after Valentines Day weekend. At the time it was all a bit ironic. I felt like the unluckiest person on the planet with a failed attempt at a relationship and a gallery to start by myself. I turned it around and now I feel like the luckiest person on the planet to have such a wonderful opportunity.

BKI: What keeps people coming back?
Laura:I have a lot of passionate supporters and it gives me my energy to continue. I am genuine and I think people can sense that. I put everything I have into my exhibitions, constantly transforming the gallery and I feel people appreciate this. I also try to do shows that I would want to attend. I have good taste and the attention span of a gnat so it has to be good exhibition to get people to stay. Usually I go to a gallery eat their food and drink their booze and I am out of there.

BKI: Any exhibitions going on now that must be seen?
Laura: I would say my July show Arc Angle is a must see – it’s a collaboration with 14 artists that includes a tree which takes over the gallery. There’s video, scored music, wooden instruments and painting. I can’t wait to see it myself! And I plan to have the best closing party Red Hook has ever seen!

BKI: How do you get the word out? Is Lucky on Facebook, Twitter?
Laura: Friends. I have a lot of friends. It also helps to not have much competition – Red Hook is not full of galleries and definitely nothing quite like mine. And yes I have Facebook and Twitter. Who doesn’t?

*Interview was condensed and edited.

Lucky Gallery
176 Richards Street
Brooklyn, NY. 11231


Monday, June 7th, 2010

Here a few snapshots of our “Sensei23″ art event in Boston last month. Special thanks to Kevin “Sensei23″ Sullivan who exhibited his artwork and The Upper Crust for keeping our guests happy and full of delicious pizza.