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Friday, July 31st, 2009

70’s super graphics appear on a vintage BKI shirt and the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. Is the rainbow making a comeback?


Friday, July 31st, 2009

Last, but certainly not least, BookCourt has been providing the Cobble Hill neighborhood with enjoyable reads and a relaxing, cozy atmosphere for the past twenty-eight years. Like us, their story begins with a young married couple and a dream to open up a business in Brooklyn. In 1981, Henry Zook and Mary Gannett decided to follow their passion for books and restored the ground floor of a pre-Civil War frame house on Court Street. Over the years, they acquired the building next door and expanded the bookstore to fit their growing business. Though larger bookstores have since moved into the area, BookCourt has still survived – and thrived.

Outside the shop on Court Street!

Bookcourt is another one of the many reasons why we should shop local this summer! Find BookCourt on 163 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, right by our Smith Street store.


Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Community Bookstore of Park Slope is one of Brooklyn’s oldest and most beloved quaint bookstores. Its name is very telling of the deep involvement the bookstore has with the people and neighborhoods of Brooklyn. The bookstore greatly believes in the well-being of the community, most immediately on a local level but also a global one. It is involved in shop local campaigns, Park Slope Chamber of Commerce initiatives, civic councils, community forums, and sustainable business networks. In addition, the bookstore offers generous discounts to schools and non-profit organizations. Another cool thing the shop does? The “Mystery” Book Swap” allows readers to take home pre-read mystery books for only $1 in exchange for a mystery they’ve already read. If that wasn’t enough, Community Bookstore now delivers your book orders for free! Our friends at Community Bookstore – and all of the admirable things they do year round – are the perfect example of why we should shop local this summer.

Community Bookstore is located on 143 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215, right near our Park Slope store on 206 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE: Palin Meets Clinton ‘America’ T-Shirt

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Okay, so the moment passed – the battling of the female titans. One is now the Secretary of State and the other the post-Queen of Alaska. Yet, despite my complete annoyance at Palin’s conservatism, her blatant disregard of experience, and intelligence, you have to admire her pluck. She speaks of kids, and running, and fishing, and you can smell the hair dresser and nail polish as she speaks in her dogmatic fashion. Of the two (in the t-shirt) Palin is finally the more captivating. While Clinton deals with the trade deficit with China, and North Korea’s nuclear program, Palin speaks in a language of self sacrifice that belies her rising media credentials. She is fascinating because she is singular, annoying diffident and anti-intellectual. She is parochial. Yet, I will read the articles, buy the shirt and imagine how she deals with her children, her husband and her decision to quit her job.

Image from Huffington Post
Written by Lexy Funk, CEO

LETTERS FROM LEXY: Aaron Duffy, Artist and Entrepreneur

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

I was on a panel recently for Crain’s Small Business. A gentleman approached me afterwards and gave me this beautiful, hand-crafted hat. Attached to the hat was a thumb drive with the animation below. Tucked inside the flap was the note. I was both touched and inspired. Please email the artist and budding entrepreneur Aaron Duffy with your ideas for how to build his business. Or add your comments below. He definitely has wit, talent and a novel approach to marketing.

Aaron’s hat creations can be viewed here:

GO LOCAL! Partner Spotlight: Reckless Records

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Going to be in the Windy City any time soon? Make sure you check out Reckless Records – especially if you’re a fan of great vinyl records – for some great titles. Since 1989, Reckless Records has been dedicated to bringing quality music, movies, and other entertaining media to Chicagoans and visitors. With 3 locations in Chicago, they are hard to miss! We’re fans.
The Reckless Bucktown location (right near our Bucktown store) is located at 1532 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Support them (and us!) as we go local this summer.

image found here


Friday, July 24th, 2009

For the past forty years, Dance Theatre Workshop (DTW) has taken the stage as one of America’s preeminent performing arts institutions, entertaining its fellow neighbors in Chelsea, as well as New Yorkers and people worldwide. Behind the scenes, DTW is much more than a workshop that puts on shows. They support independent contemporary artists and companies in their endeavors to further live performance experiences – even performer Whoopi Goldberg got her first big break here. Each year, the DTW produces 110 performances by 45 different artists and companies, working with renowned choreographers. What’s more, it fosters a wider public involvement to get creative in the arts through many programs and resources.

To see a great show this summer, visit Dance Theatre Workshop at 219 West 19th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, or call the box office at 212-924-0077. Enter to win free tickets to a DTW performance at our Chelsea Store during the GO LOCAL! giveaway series!


Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

With a welcoming atmosphere and expert knowledge, Brooklyn Bicycles in Park Slope is the go-to spot for any bike rider. New to the neighborhood as of early May, they’ve already made a good impression on the community, helping fix noisy brakes and flat tires even after hours. First-time bike owners and renters don’t be shy. The shop’s friendliness, patience, and knowledge of bikes – along with great selection, quality accessories, and customization services – will help solve a multitude of needs, wants, and concerns, whether you are a commuter or committed racer. Don’t forget them for renting bikes near the park either. What’s more, they’ll let you in on some of their own secret spots to ride around in Brooklyn. Ride on!

Visit Brooklyn Bicycles on 375 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215 to rent a bike and ride around in Prospect Park! Or enter BKI’s GO LOCAL! giveaway at our Seventh Avenue Store to win a free deluxe bike tuneup!