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Monday, March 30th, 2009

We were happy to be a part of SXSW earlier this month. The music and media conference showcases hundreds of bands and music acts from across the globe. Artists like Black Holes and Kid Color represented Brooklyn Industries in tees like Brand Affair, Believe and BKLYN. Check out the photos with Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene. He’s wearing the cool black hat and vest. The word on the street is he thought our tees were “dope.”


Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Ice and snow made our office a perfect backdrop for our Summer Preview photo shoot this month. Of course not really, but the conception of sun in the studio made it at least look like summer around here. We morphed out of our typical studio surrounding and used the hallway. Vahap had painted 100 feet of falling paint on asphalt paper. We used the backdrop of lover TV heads that had just returned from their window displays and now sit proudly in our secretarial entrance. We shot against the wood background, sensing The Office meets IKEA. We played with flowers, turning them upside down, trashing them and spoofing the whole idea of spring and summer itself. For isn’t it really humorous to be selling summer dresses in March and to be selling winter coats in August? It happens every year, and we are so immune to it. But for those of us shooting, and developing clothes, seasons are surreal. We can be dreaming in down puffer coats and look down and see flip flops. We can be freezing in the Navy Yard and be pulling the hems of the skirts just shorter, sexier please! It will be really hot after all…we promise.


Friday, March 20th, 2009

We all stayed out way past our bedtimes last night, but it was worth it. Brooklyn Industries had its annual company dinner yesterday in Fort Greene at Chez Oskar. With wine in hand, we toasted our achievements and successes during these tough economic times. Both Lexy (our CEO) and Vahap (our President) offered their words of wisdom and reminded all of us that the company was founded during tough times and will survive this economic downturn because our creative drive and young raw talent is unstoppable.


Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Our last few days of winter are numbered. We’re moving into warmer weather which means it’s time to shop for fun, effortless clothing. Our new summer collection is trickling in and we’ve launched our Summer Preview campaign. This time around our CEO, Lexy Funk took the photographs, some which feature the grandiose backdrop of falling paint on asphalt paper, made by our President Vahap Avsar.

We know that spring’s sense of renewal will extend throughout summer, and we’re truly excited for what’s to come.

LETTERS FROM LEXY: Buffalos and Wind Power

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

The American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan is truly a wonder even if you don’t have someone tagging along under the age of 10. There are enough dark corridors lit with esoteric animals, western scapes and fossils to remove you from the woes of the recession. During my last visit I saw a display in miniature of Native Americans driving a herd of buffalo off a cliff using the wiles of a medicine man at dusk. Wow, talk about survival.The exhibit had small characters at the bottom of the cliff poised to shoot an arrow at a tumbling buffalo. The rest of the men were at the top directing the buffalo with more arrows to the edge.

Near the buffalo exhibit was an exhibit about climate change. It had interactive exhibits where you can calculate how many trees you need to plant to offset your carbon usage.

Several months ago, we switched all of our stores’ energy source to wind power. We simply called Con Edison Solutions and talked to a representative about switching. It was exceedingly difficult to figure out what the new rate would be, but we estimated the difference in cost would be 5% to 10% greater than the normal rate. A small price, we thought, despite the economy. So now we have wind power stickers in all the store windows, and we are using green energy. If all small businesses in New York and the US did this, we would really make an impact. We can’t bring the buffalo back, but we can drive to be carbon neutral.

Post by Brooklyn Industries CEO, Lexy Funk


Monday, March 16th, 2009

Our grand opening and reception for Portland was one of the best yet. Portland’s finest gathered for Superstructure, an exhibit by our very own President,Vahap Avsar. All enjoyed delicious refreshments (like sweet dot cupcakes from Saint Cupcake) and the sounds of DJ Freaky Outty and DJ Rev. Shines. We’re happy people are calling Portland the 5th borough.

LETTERS FROM LEXY: Music and Nomads

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Tablet Hotels is a site I was just introduced to not as a traveler but as a fellow entrepreneur. Started while the owner was traveling extensively in the Far East, Tablet’s site has a clean, modern navigational system. It is very clear about its intended audience, and building upon the tastes of the Tablet customer. My favorite add-on is Tablet Tunes, playlists to enhance the memories of the traveler. Brands are about being taste makers, as Malcolm Gladwell states so succinctly in The Tipping Point. So music and travel are the perfect complements. Now, what to go with clothing? Music, photography, film, books…where to start and how to show it.

Post by Brooklyn Industries CEO, Lexy Funk

LETTERS FROM LEXY: Time and Poetry

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

I am convinced that we are interacting with time, and realizing time in a completely different way than before the Internet. Time is now truncated, simultaneous and occurring on many many channels at once. If you spend most of the day checking a Blackberry, email, or iPhone, the day is a short whiplash of moments all strung together to resemble a day. We don’t know what the new time will look like, but it will be as radical as the farmers in pre-industrial Europe who first got jobs in factories. All of a sudden there was Saturday and Sunday, there were clocks that meant something; there was leisure time. The spacing changed completely.

So to counter all this, and when I am feeling particularly parsed and fragmented, I read poetry. I never read poetry before, when you are supposed to – young and in love in a college dorm. No, I discovered it really while in a hospital after the birth of my second son. I read Anne Carson’s novel in verse, Autobiography of Red, while lying in pain. It left with me an indelible image of a young man with wings flying close to a volcanic mountain, so in love and torn. There is something about reading short sentences that doesn’t fight the time and space of the Blackberry ridden mind. Poetry is really on the same wavelength, but absent of fact and communication. It is indirect, and cures the woes of short attention spans.

Post by Brooklyn Industries CEO, Lexy Funk


Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Lucky Magazine featured Brooklyn Industries’ Glass Full Skirt in their online Fashion Copy Cat column. We think Lucky is great. Their April 2009 issue is on newsstands now.

Our pretty spring floral is only $78!


Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Our District Wool Blazer (now on sale!) made it on The Sartorialist February 9th. The blazer traveled all the way to Milan. Very cool.