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Cleaner Air

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


This Tee Tuesday, we’re doing a throwback to a design we brought back by popular demand – the Greenpoint Cleaner Air graphic tee. We originally designed this tee in 1999 to support the Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks and Planning (GWAPP) Coalition and the fight against Con Edison to build a 500 megawatt powerplant in the heart of Greenpoint/Williamsburg. This fight was won, as well as a later one when TransGas Energy proposed an 1100 megawatt power plant in the same area. GWAPP and the Greenpoint/Williamsburg community continue to demand access to their Brooklyn waterfront and to end and resolve the toxic nightmares that have occurred in this area. To learn more, visit

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Greenpoint Gas Mask

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


#tbt t-shirt. North Brooklyn has faced some of the worst pollution in the country. We designed this shirt 14 years ago to help the Greenpoint/Williamsburg Waterfront Task Force successfully fight a proposed 1,100 megawatt plant on N.12th St. in Williamsburg. The fight is not over. For more information visit

Brooklyn Polar Vortex Part 2

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
Dog walker

Dog walker

Valley Forge, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Valley Forge, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Under the BQE in Dumbo. Typography by Stefan Sagmeister.

Under the BQE in Dumbo. Typography by Stefan Sagmeister.

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Smorgasburg Style

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


Why wait in line for brunch on Saturdays only to sit inside while it’s beautiful outside. On Saturdays in Williamsburg (and Sundays in Dumbo) head to Smorgasburg – our favorite weekend food fair for fresh air, hangover cures, taking out of town guests, people watching or just gorging on artisinal everything. We love walking around listening to strangers shout out random dishes. Smorgasburg has everything for everyone, from BBQ at Mighty Quinn’s, vegan fare at Vegan Bodega, Dough donuts, and for the masochistic willing to stand in line, there’s the Ramen Burger. We went recently with Max and Aubrey on a particularly sunny fall afternoon, outfitting Max in our Dustin Houndstooth Shirtand Atticus Parka, and Aubrey in ourAlma Checkered Buttondown, all while chowing down on popsicles, oysters, falafel, and fried chicken.

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

The coolest job in the world just might be Bob Partington’s. From elaborate Rube Goldberg machines for Google to large scale typographic sculptures, Partington’s dynamic, whimsical, and always awe-inspiring pieces are what every kid dreams of making for a living when they grow up.

Panera Bread from 1stAveMachine on Vimeo.

Today only, meet the Williamsburg resident as he unveils his newest invention at Brooklyn Industries on 100 Smith Street at 6pm. The first 15 people to show up will receive a free t-shirt! 

A Dose of Vitamin Steve: A Brooklyn Original

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013


A few months ago, we started noticing a particular T-shirt blog that consistently highlighted our graphic T-shirts among many other designs. Naturally we had to meet Steve Flack, the man behind the chest – video editor, T-shirt enthusiast, comic book expert, and wrestling aficionado, and an actual lifelong resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To this day, relics and original photos of his family’s history in Brooklyn are mingled with his own abundant comic memorabilia and classic movie posters, making for an endearing snapshot of a Brooklyn native.

Steve Shirt, his T-shirt blog was started because in his own words, “I had so many graphic tees and didn’t want to repeat wearing them too often.” He started documenting his day-to-day wardrobe, and it spiraled into a blog all it’s own. The blog’s tagline is “a daily look at my chest,” and he takes all his pictures at the same angle; and almost always in the same spot in his house, where behind him are his shelves chock full of comics and graphic novels.


Once you walk into his apartment, there are framed original pages from the Scott Pilgrim series, Spider Man, and even the original 1984 Masters of the Universe character poster which survived his childhood. Get him talking enough about it, and he might even take you to the White Castle down the road!

Check out Steve Shirt at
For more Brooklyn Industries graphics, visit The T-Shop.

Menu Art

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013


Fantastic menu art by Williamsburg eatery, Isa.

Carry On…

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Like superheroes, all companies have their origin story. For Brooklyn Industries, it began with two young artists – Vahap Avsar and Lexy Funk in a Chelsea apartment in 1996. Staring out the window, Avsar often found his gaze landing on an old Marlboro billboard that had been weathered from months and months in the New York weather.

Sifer-Chyper, 1991, Vahap Avsar

Drawing inspiration from his large body of work that mostly concentrated on the semiotics of visual language, 3rd world bricolage, and upcycling art from common objects, Avsar began sewing the bags in their apartment, and when demand outgrew their tiny quarters, the partners moved to a warehouse in the then gritty Williamsburg where they worked and lived without heat or air conditioning. When the amount of knocks on their warehouse door became untenable, Funk and Avsar opened a retail space that was to become the genesis for Brooklyn Industries.

Last year, the company began re-establishing production in Brooklyn with one craftsman and one sewing machine making one bag at a time. One year later, we’ve set up a small production facility at our current headquarters in Brooklyn called Factory, and are celebrating it with the re-release of the Crypto Billboard Bag. Prior to the re-release of the original line, we’ve released a number of new designs made in house this past year, including the Sunnyside Bag, the Java Tote, and the Corlear Bag. As an added bonus, each bag comes with a limited edition, numbered screen printed poster commemorating the re-release.

Each custom-made, waterproof messenger bag is completely unique with its own different cuts and decontextualized designs. With digital advertisements dominating the visual landscape, Avsar sought to bring back a sense of nostalgia towards tactile messaging. The Crypto bag line is the latest in Brooklyn Industries’ new releases that is helping the company establish a greater local manufacturing presence.

Brooklyn Brewery x Brooklyn Industries: 2 Brooklyn Institutions Come Together for a Night of Dancing

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Mark your calendars – on Tuesday, October 23rd, Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Industries are teaming up to throw a good ol’ fashion Williamsburg DANCE Party at the Brewery’s beautiful brick warehouse. We’ve always been partial to their beer (our recycling bin can personally attest to that), so we were especially excited when they gave us a call and asked us to design a new shirt for them – we one upped them and made two!

The first design, Neighborhood Pint is inspired by the many flavors of the different Brooklyn neighborhoods, that when put together create this great borough of ours. The design also includes the now iconic Milton Glaser Brooklyn Brewery logo.

For the second shirt Beer Tower, our Graphic Designer channeled her father’s old beer stein collection. They say our parents shape who we are, and for Meagan, it’s definitely true, as she brought back six of them from her trip to Belgium last month. “When I first saw a watertower, I thought, ‘how good would it be if it were filled with beer?’ ” Perhaps one day, our two companies can make Meagan’s dream come true.

On Tap – Brooklyn Brewery x Brooklyn Industries

Tuesday, October 23rd from 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Brooklyn Brewery

79 N.11th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn

RSVP at:

Terrarium Building Event at BKI WIlliamsburg

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Let’s face it, miniature gardens are cool. Who didn’t fall in love with Mr. Miyagi’s mini horticultural wonderland in The Karate Kid?  Well, now’s your chance to build your own at our Terrarium Building Event at our store in Williamsburg. Floral design studio, Red Rose & Lavender will be on hand to guide you through the terrarium building process, and even supply soil, moss, and other accessories necessary to start a garden – you just bring your favorite glass bowl, jar, or vase. Complimentary drinks proved by Sixpoint and Runa Tea. Limited seating is available. Please rsvp to