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Carry On…

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Like superheroes, all companies have their origin story. For Brooklyn Industries, it began with two young artists – Vahap Avsar and Lexy Funk in a Chelsea apartment in 1996. Staring out the window, Avsar often found his gaze landing on an old Marlboro billboard that had been weathered from months and months in the New York weather.

Sifer-Chyper, 1991, Vahap Avsar

Drawing inspiration from his large body of work that mostly concentrated on the semiotics of visual language, 3rd world bricolage, and upcycling art from common objects, Avsar began sewing the bags in their apartment, and when demand outgrew their tiny quarters, the partners moved to a warehouse in the then gritty Williamsburg where they worked and lived without heat or air conditioning. When the amount of knocks on their warehouse door became untenable, Funk and Avsar opened a retail space that was to become the genesis for Brooklyn Industries.

Last year, the company began re-establishing production in Brooklyn with one craftsman and one sewing machine making one bag at a time. One year later, we’ve set up a small production facility at our current headquarters in Brooklyn called Factory, and are celebrating it with the re-release of the Crypto Billboard Bag. Prior to the re-release of the original line, we’ve released a number of new designs made in house this past year, including the Sunnyside Bag, the Java Tote, and the Corlear Bag. As an added bonus, each bag comes with a limited edition, numbered screen printed poster commemorating the re-release.

Each custom-made, waterproof messenger bag is completely unique with its own different cuts and decontextualized designs. With digital advertisements dominating the visual landscape, Avsar sought to bring back a sense of nostalgia towards tactile messaging. The Crypto bag line is the latest in Brooklyn Industries’ new releases that is helping the company establish a greater local manufacturing presence.

Brooklyn Brewery x Brooklyn Industries: 2 Brooklyn Institutions Come Together for a Night of Dancing

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Mark your calendars – on Tuesday, October 23rd, Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Industries are teaming up to throw a good ol’ fashion Williamsburg DANCE Party at the Brewery’s beautiful brick warehouse. We’ve always been partial to their beer (our recycling bin can personally attest to that), so we were especially excited when they gave us a call and asked us to design a new shirt for them – we one upped them and made two!

The first design, Neighborhood Pint is inspired by the many flavors of the different Brooklyn neighborhoods, that when put together create this great borough of ours. The design also includes the now iconic Milton Glaser Brooklyn Brewery logo.

For the second shirt Beer Tower, our Graphic Designer channeled her father’s old beer stein collection. They say our parents shape who we are, and for Meagan, it’s definitely true, as she brought back six of them from her trip to Belgium last month. “When I first saw a watertower, I thought, ‘how good would it be if it were filled with beer?’ ” Perhaps one day, our two companies can make Meagan’s dream come true.

On Tap – Brooklyn Brewery x Brooklyn Industries

Tuesday, October 23rd from 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Brooklyn Brewery

79 N.11th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn

RSVP at:

Terrarium Building Event at BKI WIlliamsburg

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Let’s face it, miniature gardens are cool. Who didn’t fall in love with Mr. Miyagi’s mini horticultural wonderland in The Karate Kid?  Well, now’s your chance to build your own at our Terrarium Building Event at our store in Williamsburg. Floral design studio, Red Rose & Lavender will be on hand to guide you through the terrarium building process, and even supply soil, moss, and other accessories necessary to start a garden – you just bring your favorite glass bowl, jar, or vase. Complimentary drinks proved by Sixpoint and Runa Tea. Limited seating is available. Please rsvp to

Neighborhood Spotlight: Williamsburg

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

above: Cotton Candy Machine

While this mecca of hip is more well known for its restaurant, bar, and music scene, Williamsburg is also home to some of the greatest shops in NYC, featuring unique craftwork, heavily-curated oddities, and amazing works of art. And cheese – lots and lots of cheese.

Cotton Candy Machine, 235 South 1st St.

No, they don’t sell cotton candy machines, but they do fire one up for art openings. What they do offer is an amazing array of prints, illustrations, books, and various toys from some of the most cutting edge artists around, many of which live right in the neighborhood. Opened by Tara McPherson and Sean Leonard, the store showcases much of McPherson’s work in the space where her studio used to reside. A stuffy boutique, this is not – the owners are some of the most gregarious and enthusiastic people you’ll meet in your life, and will gladly guide you through all the work they have in their store. Not only is their enthusiasm genuine and inspiring, they also make sure that their wares are accessible, offering affordable prints of some of the pricier oil paintings. And who knows, if you ask nicely, they might even offer you up some cotton candy. -Teddy

Earwax Records, 218 Bedford Avenue

Considering what a hang out Williamsburg has become, you would think there would be more record stores… right? Earwax reminds me of the small indie stores I used to hang out at as a teen. They have a great eclectic selection especially considering the size of the store, with a little of everything, including jazz, blues, experimental, indie, and electronic. It’s not too big, but they have all the cool necessities to get you started on or to complete a collection. They also have a nice vinyl section too; I bought a Hawkwind reissue there – hooray! Where else are you gonna find that?! This record store is curated like a gallery. They give you a well-rounded presentation of the best music throughout the decades. They also have sale and a used section so check it out next time your in the hood! -Dale

Bedford Cheese Shop, 229 Bedford Avenue

Even though I’m lactose intolerant, I cannot avoid a trip to the Bedford Cheese Shop every once in awhile. I have won the hearts of many at a party, offering gifts of their über delectable cheeses and fine cured meats. Leaving empty handed is not easy when physically weakened by all of the edible displays of sorted international cheeses, each catalogued with amusing and playful descriptions.

Their informative staff are genuinely helpful and are more than willing to tempt you with freshly sliced samples. But wait there’s more! They also carry a variety of sweets – marzipan candy bars, fresh caramels, jams and tart curds, bottled olive oils, vinegars, and pickled vegetables shelved like apothecary tonics (fitting since the store was once a pharmacy).  During the summertime, they carry one of my favorite childhood treats, a chocolate-covered, oatmeal cream sandwich called “IT’S-IT” from my hometown San Francisco. It’s the care and thought that goes into the product that makes this one of my favorite Williamsburg destinations. -Aaron

Baked In Brooklyn, 242 Wythe Ave

Embrace your inner five year old at Baked In Brooklyn, a ceramic painting studio that’s also conveniently BYOB in the evenings. At this marvelous addition to the hood, you get to pick out your own plain ceramic piece, decorate it to your heart’s content and get your creative juices flowing with a bottle of wine. Pieces to paint start from $5, and on average, most plates, mugs, or cups cost about $15-$20, so you can find whatever suits you and make something cool for your apartment, boyfriend, mother, or cat. They fire and glaze it there and you can pick it up a week later. Do something different next weekend and come home with an experience to remember. -Nikki

Junk, 197 North 9th St.

If you ever find yourself wandering around Williamsburg thinking, “I sure could use a vintage clown lamp,” then head to Junk. Unlike the plethora of vintage clothing stores in the area, Junk sells exactly what its name suggests. Reminiscent of a hoarder’s basement meets flea market, you are bound to find a number of unique items –albeit covered in dirt and dust.
While their offerings can range from a vintage place settings, furniture, plastic toys, buttons, old magazines and knick-knacks, I often find myself getting lost sifting through their bins of old photographs. After one particularly lengthy dig, I came across several photos of the same house taken over the course of the last century by different owners – creepy, yet fascinating. Next time you need a chair, a matchbook cover, or salt and pepper shakers, skip the Swedish-made fiberboard products and opt for something more sturdily built with a 30 year old patina at Junk. -Meagan

The City Reliquary, 370 Metropolitan Avenue

One of New York’s most endearing and unique qualities is its constantly changing landscape.  It is the reason why many of us live here and yet, at the same time, it imposes upon us a curious fascination to understand and experience New York’s past.  For anyone who has spent time watching old movies that were filmed in New York just to see a snapshot of the city’s past, or who relishes a spontaneous and momentary glimpse of an old subway or store sign that has somehow escaped banishment into complete obscurity, the City Reliquary is the perfect way to indulge in the rediscovery of old New York. The small space makes maximum use of its walls with displays of old photos and objects of New York’s past, from old souvenirs of the World’s Fair, to leftover pieces from old subway cars, to an entertaining story about Little Egypt, New York’s most famous belly dancer at the turn of the century.  The City Reliquary is quite small and perfect for taking a short break from shopping or as follow-up to a weekend brunch. -Nancy

While you’re in Williamsburg, stop by our original store at Bedford and N.8th, and our Outlet store at Broadway and Driggs.

Check-in to the New Hotel Williamsburg and Check-out their BKI Attire

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Did you expect a Days Inn to open in Williamsburg?

Befitting the hip neighborhood it resides in, the newly opened Hotel Williamsburg exudes style and cool, from Crosley record players in each room accompanied by a complimentary record library, to artfully displayed black and white videos above the check-in counter. If the staffs’ uniforms look familiar, that’s because Brooklyn Industries collaborated with the hotel to outfit everyone, from doormen, to bellhops, to waitresses in assorted, limited edition pieces, including blazers, shirts, pea coats and dresses. Opening soon is a rooftop bar, but if you can’t wait that long, have a drink at the reception desk – yes, the check-in is actually a bar, and they serve the best Manhattan this side of Brooklyn. “Brooklyn Industries’ first store location is in Williamsburg on North 8th and Bedford, and we remain committed to the Williamsburg community. Hotel Williamsburg is working with the local community as well, making this collaboration a natural fit,” said Brooklyn Industries CEO, Lexy Funk.

photo courtesy of Hotel Williamsburg


Monday, August 15th, 2011

This month, Brooklyn Industries is excited to announce a long-term partnership with the soon-to-open Hotel Williamsburg. Brooklyn Industries plans to outfit all workers of the new full-service luxury boutique hotel in Brookyn Industries limited edition apparel. The hotel, located at 160 North 12th St. in Brooklyn, plans to open its doors in a couple of weeks.

The hotel’s debut uniform collection is entirely curated with Brooklyn Industries’ limited edition apparel. The first uniform capsule features a blue and grey color palette, lush with signature Brooklyn Industries women’s dresses, men’s transitional weather blazers and an array of dress pants and casual shorts. The hotel’s uniform collections will be updated two to three times a year. 

The uniforms will outfit all workers of the hotel, including the front desk staff, bellmen, wait staff, bartenders and room attendants. 

Brooklyn Industries decided to partner with Hotel Williamsburg due to the hotel’s commitment to the local Brooklyn community. The hotel plans to source the majority of its resources and talent locally. It also plans to support local art and music events.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the outfits. Check back at soon for the hotel’s (and its rooftop pool bar’s) official open date.

Photos taken by Mark Lim.


Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

From June 16th – June 19th, more than 150 bands, musicians, artists, filmmakers and more will take Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, by storm during the Northside Festival. Northside is a four-day showcase “at the center of the universe,” as the Northside Festival’s organizers (our friends at L Magazine) describe it, of the local and national indie music & creative scene. Bands are being added to the lineup every day, but so far we know you can see Guided by Voices, Wavves, Surfer Blood and The Babies play at McCarren Park on June 18; Atlas Sound, White Rainbow and the Lichens play at St. Cecilia’s Church on June 16; and so much more: just click here for full festival details.

Tickets can be purchased to individual shows, or limited access all-event badges (giving you first come, first served admission to all events, plus dozens of other perks) are available as well. OR you can enter for a chance to win two badges here or in any Brooklyn or Union Square Brooklyn Industries store location through June 12. BKI has also co-designed the Northside Festival’s official t-shirt! Stay tuned for more details on how you can get the shirt later this week.