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Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

We found Aaron Weiss’ great photographic work the way most people find photos these days – by scrolling up with your finger on our Instagram. Aaron met up with us in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and we tagged along to snap some Instagram photos, and ask him a few questions:

You talk about Instagram and mobile technology playing a big part in reigniting your passion for photography. Tell us more about how it effects why and how you shoot?

For me, Instagram is a three way street of inspiration, self-expression, and community. The app has a lot of different niches, but mine is the photography niche for sure. There’s a constant flow of creativity from the people I follow, from all over the world. I love seeing the everyday life of people in Hong Kong, San Francisco, France, the list goes on and on. It’s not just a window to the world, but also a different perspective to my own city. Seeing New York through all these different eyes everyday, the same streets and buildings in an unending variety… my drive to create something new everyday and share my experience has been given an outlet with this simple app, and it’s given me a new reason to climb fences, chase good light and meet new people. A weekend doesn’t pass without an InstaMeet happening in the city (InstaMeets are Meetup groups for Instagrammers). We explore new spaces, exchange ideas and techniques, and it’s a great way to meet the photographers that inspire you.


The processing on your photos are quite nice. Can you share with our readers tips and tricks, and what photo processing apps you use?

Sure… first I would recommend shooting in HDR mode with the native camera app in your phone. In HDR mode the camera takes three photographs, all varying in the amount of light recorded, and meshes them together to form a more accurately exposed image. From there my favorite filter app is VSCO, which has a ton of great options (allowing you to forget all about those silly Instagram filters) and the app is really simple to use. For more fine-tuning I use Snapseed. Brightness, contrast, saturation, and more can be processed here. For a more advanced editing app I use Filterstorm, the Photoshop of apps (curves, levels, exposure…) it’s a little complicated at first so watch the in-app tutorials and you’ll be good. Image Blender works great for blending two images together, my brother @ari.weiss uses it to add dramatic skies to images that need it. And finally TouchRetouch is a great app for covering up unwanted things in your image, like distracting pedestrians or trash on the street.

You also shoot for Good Eggs in Brooklyn, a company that delivers farm to market food to your door. What is shooting and styling food like?

Shooting food is a healthy challenge for me, and always a lot of fun. I get to be in the studio and listen to podcasts and music and explore different ways of styling the food. Most of the work is styling really; once I get a good scene going the shot happens pretty fast and I can move on. Turning a pastry or napkin in a different direction can really change the flow of an image, so attention to detail is key. We use all natural light, and sometimes I get to eat the food after it’s been shot and I can honestly say that I am always blown away. Good Eggs is a lot like Brooklyn Industries, supporting local business and artists, supporting community.


From Saturday, May 4th – Monday May 26th, Aaron will be taking over our Instagram to share his work. Follow along here.

Visit Aaron’s website here, and follow his Instagram here.

Urban Camo

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014


This March, we’re blending into the city with The March Coat, available in camo and black. This versatile, lightweight, military-inspired jacket also features a funnel neck, full zip with covered snap placket, patch pockets at the chest and hips, and a slimming drawcord at the waist, and will take you from March through the start of next year’s winter.

Getting outside again also means strolling around BKI headquarter’s neighborhood, Dumbo, Brooklyn – and getting some shots of the amazing mural project, Dumbo Walls, installed last summer under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Walk beneath and along the BQE to find large murals from some giants of the design and art world, including Stefan Sagmeister, MOMO, Shepard Fairey, CAM, Yuko Shimizu and many, many more. So get out and visit Dumbo and see one of the most amazing and free open air galleries New York City has to offer.



The 2014 Spring Collection: Dressing-Up Creative Workspaces

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014


We here at Brooklyn Industries’ Dumbo-based headquarters and design studio feel fortunate to be surrounded by so many creative people each and every day – from the moment we step off our bikes or come above ground from the F train, to grabbing a cup of coffee at Brooklyn Roasting Company to riding the slow elevator up to our floor. So we thought what better place to shoot the Spring Collection than in the middle of where all of these creative-minded people do some of their best work? Our Spring 2014 shoot, “Dressing Up Creative Workspaces” is a tribute to the creative energy and forward thinking that runs rampant in imaginative office spaces such as those you’ll find in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The campaign was photographed inside three offices in our building – (1) at our headquarters and design studio, (2) at the branding and design firm Red Antler, and (3) at the digital agency Space 150‘s NYC office. We hope that our newest collection will inspire you just as much as working in Dumbo continues to fuel our imagination.


We finally had a chance to see what a photocopy of a donut looks like.


In our Brooklyn design studio, you’ll see T-shirt ideas… LOTS of T-shirt ideas.

Taken on top of Space 150’s breakfast table (next to their impressive liquor collection).

Taken on top of Space 150’s breakfast table (next to their impressive liquor collection).

Shot inside Space 150’s meeting room while they were working on these amazing Valentine’s cards

Shot inside Space 150’s meeting room while they were working on these amazing Valentine’s cards

Julia modeling with Nuria, our bag designer (left) at her workspace.

Julia modeling with Nuria, our bag designer (left) at her workspace.

Meetings, conference calls, donuts, inflatable orcas…

Meetings, conference calls, donuts, inflatable orcas…

Inside Brooklyn Industries’ photo studio.

Inside Brooklyn Industries’ photo studio.

View the entire lookbook here.

Playtime at ThePlayland Motel – The 2014 Spring Preview Collection

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

-“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

This year, we’ve all made a collective resolution to play more, so what better place to have our first shoot of the year than the Playland Motel in Rockaway. The newly restored and artist-designed motel was definitely one of our top playgrounds last year, so not only did we want to shoot there, but the creativity oozing from the walls inspired our own graphic designers and artists to play with the images we photographed. It’s no coincidence that this ended up being one of the most fun campaigns we’ve worked on.





Check out the entire lookbook here.

Gianluca: The Man, The Beard, The Legend

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


It’s time to say goodbye to our early fall model, Italian Gianluca who has received so much love from our fans (with the exception of a few haters). Before leaving us, Gianluca shared some of the secrets behind his now legendary beard.

So tell us about that beard… real or not? And if real, how long did it take to grow?
My beard is real!!! It’s the beard!!!!
Shampoo, conditioner, dry brush, and tonic every single day!!!
I was in a Milano subway and a photographer in front of me told me that: let’s grow your beard, go to NYC and rock!!!!
I’m here!!! Beard man!!!!

How is it modeling in NY, especially with that beard!?
It’s unique style…NYC is more commercial…but even like that I’m working well!
People around the city love my beard…then if you need something different Beard Man is in town to rock!

How do you Live, Work, Create?

My motto is live as better as possible…. And wake up in the morning and create something that makes my day the best day ever….ahhhh I forgot… but not stress, please.

View the lookbook here.


Shoot: Photo Exhibition

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013


Join us on the evening of Thursday, July 11th at the Brooklyn Industries Greenpoint location where we will be showing some prints from our summer lookbook shot by Lauren Silberman. Come enjoy drinks and DJ set by Ben Steidel (Lemonade/Co-op 87).


Click here to RSVP.


‘Shoot: Brooklyn Summer’ – The 2013 Summer Campaign

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Photographer Lauren Silberman first caught our eye last summer with her After Partyseries, a five year project depicting thrashed scenes of toppled over beer cans and saturated streamers in DIY party spots. We loved the spotlight on the overlooked, discarded, and often under appreciated beauty of these sometimes secret Brooklyn spots. So as summer rolled back around this year, we picked up the phone and called her up.

For the shoot, we also wanted to spotlight the unseen, so we turned the camera on the photographer, and shot nearly 5000 stills of Lauren that we culled down to about 700 shots for the video above. Starting from her Greenpoint apartment, then on to Bushwick, we captured Lauren in our similarly DIY Brooklyn Industries shoots – on the street or in bodegas and bars, with minimal equipment. When it started to rain, Lauren got into the spirit of our shoot and simply popped open an umbrella, capturing our equally adventurous street casted models. 

After the shoot, Lauren reflected, “It was awesome to work with such a cool team that was so flexible – especially in light of the uncooperative weather. It was great that we were able to improvise on locations. I guess that’s one of the many great things about Brooklyn – there are so many possibilities and so many options here, and when one thing doesn’t go as expected, therein lies a possibility for something different, and even better. 






Wide Awake in Sunset Park

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013


For the latest spring photo campaign, our team captured a landscape as unfamiliar as a foreign country to most living in NYC – space within the city. The harbor in Sunset Park, Brooklyn – a vast expanse of relatively unoccupied warehouses brought together the themes of the new line – awakening, rebirth, and the opportunity presented by new horizons. Earlier in the decade, Sunset Park’s location along the New York harbor presented a similar opportunity at the time – waterfront acreage to fulfill America’s needs for wartime production and industrial manufacturing. After World War II, demand for heavy industry waned, and coupled with suburban flight, the neighborhood saw a huge decline in activity and value. Adding insult to injury, perennial New York punching bag Robert Moses’ newly constructed artery, The Gowanus, made a deep incision into the neighborhood, creating a dividing line between its residents and the waterfront, creating a no man’s land by the harbor.


With the rise in Brooklyn’s popularity, and the difficulty of finding square footage to work in, Brooklyn Industries wanted to highlight this Brooklyn gem that has been neglected for so long, yet still maintains a great amount of potential. With a camera, creativity, and fresh outlook for the new season, much like the Williamsburg neighborhood the company helped grow 15 years ago, hopefully a new sense of place will develop in the once bustling community along the water.



View the lookbook here


The Do It Yourself Campaign Photo Shoot

Friday, January 11th, 2013


When we first started shooting photo campaigns in 1999, we didn’t really have any money to travel to places like Paris, or Milan… or even upstate New York for that matter, so Lexy Funk, our CEO and photographer, just grabbed our camera and walked out the door in Brooklyn – in a grittier Williamsburg at the time and took snapshots in front of old warehouses and weathered textures that had a pretty good chance of giving you tetanus. Thirteen years later, we still prefer shooting this way.


For our Spring shoot, we packed up the van and rode one neighborhood over to Clinton Hill to shoot at the Brooklyn Industries’ warehouse; the former location of our HQ now in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Back in the day, we used the warehouse space all the time to shoot our garments in the same space that they were designed in – not just because we were financially strapped, but because there was a certain realness to the setting. We didn’t live in Paris – we lived in Brooklyn. These days, especially around Dumbo, everybody wants to shoot in Brooklyn, and we often find ourselves having to elbow out all the haute couture brands with their huge lighting setups for camera space. Soon, those companies will tire of this Brooklyn ‘trend’ and will move on – better watch out Jersey! But us… we’re here to stay.

It’s always been a challenge to shoot the Spring line at the beginning of winter – it’s freakin’ cold out, and it brings us back to the days of working in the under-heated warehouse (that’s now populated by cozy artist studios). While the weather was predictably nipply and drizzling this time around, the light was amazing and extremely cooperative. At most, we usually only bring along one strobe light and one extension cord, While most would view that as insufficient, we embrace it as an opportunity to shoot different angles and moods. The resulting photos we got were meditative and introspective – and it probably helped that our guy model worked at a bar until 4 a.m. the night before. Ultimately, budget constraints force us to stay creative, to constantly Re-create, which was how we approached the spring line. After waking up every New Year’s Day, we always get pretty excited about the fresh possibilities for the upcoming year, and a chance to create something new.


View the lookbook here. Shot in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Photography by Lexy Funk.

The Winter 2012 Collection

Friday, November 16th, 2012