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Creative Inspiration

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

At the studio of Red Antler in Dumbo, Brooklyn

I get inspired at work by looking out our Dumbo office window every so often at the skyline view of Manhattan. It’s always the same, and never the same. - Judy, Marketing
My picks: Creekside TankTulip Maxi SkirtPebble Tote & Crossbody


I get inspired by eating good sushi. I also get inspiration from the interesting people and things on the streets of New York. - Koh, Window Designer
My picks: Paddington RaincoatSlater Pocket Sweater


Listening to electronic, sad, or country music usually inspires me, but if I get really stuck creatively, I take the Archimedes approach and try and step away for a long walk past rundown warehouses. - Teddy, Art Director
My picks: Lawrence Floral ShirtDillon Tweed Pant

And The Winners Are…

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013


Tonight we crown you – winners of the 2013 Brooklyn Industries T-Shirt Design Contest: Patrick Schneider, Jenny Acosta, and Chad Weaver! Come meet all three winners tonight atBrooklyn Industries Union Square (see details below), and ask them about the method behind their graphic design/illustration madness.tumblr_inline_mrvtc70EKK1qz4rgp

The three winners shared a bit about their designs with us before the event:
1st Place Winner, Patrick Schneider:
“Brooklyn… It’s in me! If your heart is beating Brooklyn, you can feel it inside your guts. You breathe BK air, eat BK food, ride BK trains.”


1st Runner Up, Jenny Acosta:
“My design embraces the brownstones and bodegas of Brooklyn. The aerial view lets you appreciate each unique stoop and neighbor, and the hand-lettering waves at you from the rooftops.” Available in men’s and women’s.

2nd Runner Up, Chad Weaver:
“I am very interested in taking the normal everyday and making it a little weird. Eyes are something that are constructed the same, yet so different.”

Happy Birthday, John Hughes!

Sunday, February 17th, 2013


In honor of our 80’s inspired Flash Knit Top and Daredevil Pant, some die-hard John Hughes fans here at the office offered up their favorite moments from his films:

Weird Science was my favorite. I was very much a book and video game nerd growing up. Every scene was magical! “Two nerdish boys attempt to create the perfect woman, but she turns out to be more than that”…the tag line says it all. -Josh


Maybe not my favorite, but the most poignant Hughes scene for me is at the end of Pretty in Pink where you think Molly Ringwald is going to go for Duckie (the good guy), but instead chooses rich, pretty boy Andrew McCarthy. That pretty much encapsulated high school for me. -Teddy

My nickname was Molly in high school and college because I used to dress like her.  My favorite scene is from Pretty in Pink (all time favorite movie), when Molly is all ready for the prom and standing in front of her dad. I believe her dad says something to the affect of, “Your guy is gonna fall through the floor when he sees you” and she then goes on to explain how he really won’t, he’s not coming, and she wants to go to show they didn’t break her. I just like the single father/misfit daughter dynamic of the scene and how proud he is of her. -Jill


This is a painfully hard question however I would have to say Emilio Estevez weeping about Larry Lester’s buns is my favorite scene from The Breakfast Club. Seeing a sensitive bro melts my heart. Also I get told fairly frequently that I am reminiscent of Ally Sheedy which always makes me happy. -Eva


In Pretty in Pink, when Andie is up in her room sewing that crazy pink dress for prom, so determined to solve her boy problems in a creative way, yet all alone with her feelings, I was like “I get you, girl!” I definitely didn’t have a Duckie to fall back on, though. -Julie


Wear to Work Favorites

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Name: Jason Zwickl
What I do at Brooklyn Industries: Technical Designer
Personal style: Ecletic – I was wearing rubber suspenders yesterday.
Currently living in: Bed-Stuy 


Look 1: Lawrence Woven Buttondown
I love the slim and young fit of this shirt. The crisp fabric and sharp color of the plaid make it easy to dress up or down. Plus I love the contrast fabric on the inside cuff. 
Fade Pants in Lemon Drop
The color is what grabbed my attention, it’s a great shade of yellow, ready for spring! Normally it’s hard for me to find pants that fit well all over, but this is definitely a great one. It’s a slim pant, but it’s still comfortable for doing any daily task.


Look 2: Borderland Jacket
This durable jacket has plenty of pockets, 8 to be exact, so I can keep everything I need on me all the time. Plus this neutral color let’s the details do all the talking, for example the blue inside lining and matching blue zipper tape! 
Amaze Stripe Sweater
I’ve always loved anything blue, but what’s really special is this sweater’s stripe layout, varied widths of blue and white make this really stand out. Since it’s made of cotton, it’s breathable and easy to layer without overdressing.


Friday, December 14th, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Nikki, our Men’s Designer. Between ping pong and ceramic deer baths, she made this playlist for you to make it through the rest of this Friday.

Neighborhood Spotlight: DUMBO

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Since relocating our headquarters to the old waterfront neighborhood of DUMBO – home to a large number of design studios and creative businesses, we’ve discovered numerous gems hidden in this often overlooked part of Brooklyn. Our team shares some of our favorite finds.

Jane’s Carousel , Brooklyn Bridge Park

Along the East River where the DUMBO and the Manhattan skyline almost kiss is the Brooklyn Bridge Park and Jane’s Carousel, a glass encased, refurbished carousel. This riverside stretch is a great spot for me and my fellow BK Industrialists to have impromptu open-air lunches and afternoon strolls. The scenic vista of the city seems within arm’s reach, framed by both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Having a ride on this historic landmark gives me a feeling of naïve whimsy, a feeling important to my personal creative process. A perfect day should ideally come to end with a spin around this magical merry-go-round. –Aaron

Zacca, 155 Plymouth Street

Be forewarned design nerds, this place will eat you up alive, and leave you with empty pockets. This Japanese-based boutique carries a wonderfully curated collection of graphic design, fashion, illustration, and architecture books and magazines, and an eclectic array of Japanese toys and art. The shop also doubles as an events space for art exhibitions and experimental showcases. It’s always a great space for me to visit when I need some added design inspiration. – Teddy

Modern Anthology, 68 Jay Street

Modern Anthology is a cleverly curated “man cave” that the owner describes as “less beer keg, more scotch”. Male or female, this is a great little shop catering to those with a creative sensibility. You can find everything from vintage Chesterfield couches, to taxidermy jackalopes, to old school umbrellas with wooden duck handles. It’s a perfect place for presents or a gift for yourself – or you might just want to move into this nicely decorated shop! – Nikki

Brooklyn Roasting Company, 25 Jay Street

Live, Work, Create is impossible for me without the fuel of coffee. It used to be hard to find a non Starbucks cup in the neighborhood, until Brooklyn Roasting Company moved across the street. HOORAY! They roast small batches from around the world, in house. The smell of roasting has greatly enhanced the neighborhood and my mood. If you’re on a budget just buy a ten dollar a pound bag and make it in the office. –Dale

St. Ann’s Warehouse, 38 Water Street

St Ann’s Warehouse is one of the most innovative venues in existence for live performance art and international theater, and their home has been right here in DUMBO for the past 30 years. My first St Ann’s experience was in 2006, when I saw Lou Reed perform his Berlin album on a set designed by Julian Schabel. The stunning visuals, combined with the nearly once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Berlin performed live, left a remarkable on me. I’ve since had many more memorable experiences, from a Polish production of Macbeth with crazy special effects in the open-air setting of the ruins of the DUMBO tobacco warehouse, to Karen O’s psycho opera Stop the Virgens, where each element, from costumes, to set design, to music, could have stood alone as its own individual and stunning work of art.  Up next is Daniel Kitson. Can’t wait! -Nancy

68 Jay Street Bar, 68 Jay Street

What’s work without after work happy hour! 68 Jay Street is our favorite end of the workday spot, where you can pull up a stool (or table to sit on when it’s busy during happy hour) and enjoy good conversation with coworkers, locals, or the friendly bartenders. Spend some dollars on the rotating art, or just three dollars for a happy hour Brooklyn Lager.

While you’re in the neighborhood, stop by our DUMBO store and say hello.

The Cozy Bar Hop

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

With an abudance of small, intimate restaurants and bars an arms length away from each other, we take you to our favorite North Brooklyn spots to get all cozy in while it’s cold outside.

Brooklyn Winery 213 N. 8th St.

As soon as you enter, a huge gust of heat greets you at the door and immediately you want to shed your heavy coat and grab a glass of house-bottled Shiraz.  Our secret spot is the upstairs couch, where warm mood lighting, a vintage jukebox, and scattered old photographs will guarantee a warm evening with loved ones.

Le Barricou 553 Grand St.

Come for the French country food and finish your evening in the backroom by the wood-burning fireplace. Wood floors and ceilings, warm hot toddys, and a beautiful chandelier give us city dwellers an opportunity to channel our inner ski bunnies.

Maison Premiere 298 Bedford Ave.

Rarely a week goes by without someone in the studio demanding post-work happy hour oysters at Maison Premier. While the place gets packed during their $1 oyster happy hours, off times give you a chance to transport yourself to warm and sultry New Orleans days, where you can laze around with friends and a Sazerac.

El Almacén 557 Driggs

Dressed in all wood, candles, and flowers, El Alamacén is the perfect place for brunch and dinner, where communal plates encourage cozying up with your dining partners.

Milk and Roses Wine Bar 1110 Manhattan Ave

This wine bar moonlights as a library/bistro/café/performance stage depending on the time of day. Grab a wine, some cheese, and cured meats, and curl up on a leather couch or intimate booth. The beautiful garden in the back makes this place cozy all year round.

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Monday, August 1st, 2011

Today, we bring to you a first look at Brooklyn Industries’ Autumn Jacket Collection, with the women’s Draper Trench and the men’s Modus Jacket.


Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Why splurge when you can save? This holiday season, shop our Gifts Under $50 guide and choose from dozens of gifts for everyone on your list. Our favorite picks are the Marled Rapunzel Hat ($38) and the I Less Than Three BK W T-Shirt ($34). Happy shopping (and saving).