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Meet the Staff: Shanika

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Name: Shanika K. Wright

Current occupation at Brooklyn Industries: Store Manager of Brooklyn Industries Chelsea.

Hometown: Baltimore, Washington D.C.

Now living in: Harlem

Favorite place to eat: Pequena in Ft. Greene.

Favorite BKI Tee: For personal reasons, it’s a toss up between Ali and Golden Ratio.

Currently obsessed with: Black leather journals and Belgian street art.

If I had a super power, it woud be… The ability to stop time.

When I was 16, I was wearing: Over half of the exact clothes that I wear today! Docs, Creepers, a ratty band tee, leather moto jacket, and an oversized gaudy sweater.

Favorite book: Wild Seed by Octavia Butler.

Favorite word: Stellar!

On my iPod right now: Tom Waits, Moondog, Wu-Tang, Pit Er Pat, Dang Nasty, Niki & The Dove, Nina Simone, Mumford and Sons, and my friends from Belgium, Dynooo Crakk and Cupp Caves, to name a few.

Favorite blog: My friend Lauren B. is a Mastermind!

How I Live, Work, Create: I laugh a lot! I am constantly exploring ways to destroy clothing, then reconstructing into something wearable. Because I never learned how to properly do laundry, I’ve developed some amazing bleaching techniques that I like to experiment with on denim amongst other things. I’ve also become a wizard at being able to make almost garment age at least ten  years. I take photos and also write infrequently for Belgium zine called “Ride Bikes”

To meet and learn more about Shanika, stop by her Brooklyn Industries Chelsea store at 161 8th Avenue, New York, NY.

The Staff Makes Its Fall Picks

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Jenna, Graphic Designer:

Alma Sheer Utility Pocket Blouse

This blouse is the perfect mix of tough and sweet. I love that the fabric is sheer yet not completely revealing.

Brigade Utility Skinny Cargo Pant

These are a great pair of cargo pants that are also flattering to the female figure.

Out Fox Graphic Tee

One of my favorite graphic tees! I really like the looser cut of this shirt and the subtlety of the screenprint.


Helena, E-Commerce:

Twin Button Skirt

It’s fun but not cutesy and has pockets! It fits just below the waist and the A-line shape makes it extra easy to wear with tees and tops.

Charm Neck Tie Pullover Sweater

This sweater is unbelievably soft and playful! I love to tie a little bow on mine and the Acai color goes great with my fall skirts.

Travis, Buyer:

Lawrence Samson Plaid LS

Shirts like this seem to work themselves in as staples in my wardrobe due to their versatility. Wear it untucked with the sleeve rolled up to show off its rugged aspects or tuck it in with a pair of fitted black jeans for a clean look

Gowanus Swim Club

Nothing beats a black shirt with a white print for a bit of a hardcore vibe.  Reminds me of late Gowanus Canal crossings after a night at the Bell House.


Adventurist Hooded Jacket

I picked this piece for its great transitional weight and the way the Dachshund color fits seamlessly into my wardrobe. Extra plus for all of the pockets and the leather detailing.

Meet the Staff: Teddy

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Name: Teddy

Current occupation at Brooklyn Industries: Multimedia Designer

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Currently living in: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Favorite burger: Dumont Burger

Some people spend money on purses. Others fancy cars and Champagne. My big bling spend is Dumont’s $16 dollar burger. Might have to make a necklace out of one to wear around.

Currently Reading: The Power Broker, Robert Caro’s behemoth about Robert Moses.

On my iPod right now: Azealia Banks

Current obsession: Canon’s 40mm Pancake Lens

At a very affordable price, the image quality for this little portable guy is fantastic. I love how the fixed lens makes you move back and forth like a dancer to frame your picture, putting the photographer back into the picture making process. Most of these photos were taken with this lens.

Secret NYC spot: Cubana Social

Ok, it’s not soooo secret, but while everyone is wasting away their days in line for brunch at Egg or Five Leaves, this place always has a table open. Their cubana coffee with a copy of the Times also makes it my Favorite coffee spot.

Favorite BKI item: Oliver Twisted Trouser

It’s not coming out until next month, but I’m definitely gonna pick these bad boys up. Probably going to throw in that toggle coat in the bag too.

How I Live, Work, Create: Taking in Brooklyn

Nothing inspires me more than walking around Brooklyn. There’s such a wild mix of creative influences here, and I think that that’s what makes the work coming out of Brooklyn so strong. That and the incredible amount of openness and sharing that goes on within the community. Most of these pics were shot on a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood.

New Artist Series Tees

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

New Guest Artist Series tees designed by Camden Dunning, Lily Gloria, and Jay Roeder, modeled by our wonderful store associates Stephen, Gabi, and Brandon at our 1 Boerum Place location.

Meet the Staff: Nikki

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Name: Nikki Cohen

Current occupation at BKI: Assistant Men’s Designer

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Now living in: Williamsburg, BK

Favorite BKI item: The men’s Adventurist Hooded Jacket! Although it’s designed for men, this is what I will be wearing this year.

How I Live, Work, Create: By being able to design men’s clothes for my career, I am able to make a living doing what I am inspired by. I’ve always been drawn to men’s fashion, and my job at BKI allows all my influences and research to manifest itself into the things I create. For me, design and creativity is a way of life… I am interested in and inspired by the same things when I am at work as when I am at home. Whilst some people may prefer to “switch off” outside of work, I really appreciate being able to constantly think creatively, knowing that I have the possibility of actually making ideas that pop into my head a reality.

Currently obsessed with: This changes daily. Today I am obsessed with my shiny new mechanical pencil, I love the way it makes my handwriting look.

Favorite place to eat: No surprises here, I make a point of eating at Five Leaves at least once a weekend. No wait time is ever too long for me.

I get my coffee at: Toby’s Estate, my favorite coffee shop in Sydney that recently opened a Brooklyn location down the road from my apartment! I am so lucky – the coffee here is perfect, as are the Aussie-inspired snacks they serve.

Secret NYC spot: It’s not really a secret, but I love sitting in the courtyard of Saturdays Surf NYC in Soho. It’s a peaceful oasis where you can temporarily escape the madness that is downtown Manhattan.

When I was 16, I was wearing: An outfit I clearly remember was a delightful pair of blue spandex pants with clear plastic strips down the side and a super tight one-shouldered top, Sketcher’s “bubble shoes” and probably way too much eyeliner.  I also had a black Lycra dress with metallic dots that was suspended from a necklace… you asked.

Favorite book: I’m going to change this question to ‘favorite author’ – I love reading anything by Jodi Picoult.

Favorite word: Amazing. I use this too frequently, and I’ve refrained from using it in these questions just so I can use it here.

On my iPod right now: Jamie XX, Metronomy, Junior Boys, Grimes, Whitest Boy Alive.

Favorite Blog: I have so many favourites, but a few I look at for inspiration on a daily basis are:,,,

Pride in Marriage

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

In March earlier this year, Darleen, the store manager for our Park Slope store on 7th Avenue tied the knot with her partner Jasmine in an elaborate speakeasy/cabaret themed wedding in the same East Village theater where they met 12 years ago. With the opening monologue of Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy playing over the loud speakers – “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life…” the newlyweds re-enacted their earlier ceremony at City Hall for their friends and families whom they were able to bring together. Though the couple didn’t feel the need to get married in order to feel closer to each other, there was an overwhelming urge to be “adopted” into each other’s community.  Both agreed that a big part of why they got married was not for themselves, but for their families.

Last year at this time – the week before Pride NYC, the landscape of the LGBT community in New York was considerably different. In the eyes of the state government, Darleen and Jasmine were considered second-class citizens. With the legislature working late into the night on a Friday, news of the bill’s passage got out by the end of the evening and spontaneous celebrations erupted all over the city, most notably in the West Village at the birthplace of the gay rights movement, The Stonewall Inn. Darleen and Jasmine had just moved back to the city at the time, and for them, the announcement was bittersweet –the news was good for New Yorkers, but marriages still weren’t recognized federally, couples across the country weren’t granted the same protections that hetero couples enjoyed like health insurance, and hospital visitation rights. For equal treatment all across America, there was still a long road to travel. Still, the two felt lucky to have seen the issue progress so far. While Darleen and Jasmine hadn’t participated in Pride celebrations for years, they were really excited for the older couples marching in the parade who had struggled and helped propel the movement from its infancy.

When asked what married life has been like, Darleen responded “It’s been pretty much the same.” “We’re pretty excited about our car insurance discount,” Jasmine added with a laugh. Reflecting back on the wedding though, both talked about feeling much more emotional about it than expected. A particular highlight for Darleen was a speech given by her brother that evening. Talking about the sinking of the Titanic, which had occurred 100 years before, her brother talked about those people being a part of history. Darleen and Jasmine, on the other hand, were not just passengers along for the ride – they were making history.

Shop the Pride Shirt online here.

Our Staff Picks Their Summerwear

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Concentration is always a challenge during summertime in New York as our minds tend to wander out the window towards the beautiful weather, BBQs, beaches, music festivals, and parties. Yesterday, we took some of our staff on a trip to our Dumbo store to see what they’d pick out for their summer celebrations.

Helena, E-commerce Merchandiser

This romper is the perfect playsuit for all my outdoor BBQing and dancing! The applique is super cute and warm for those chilly summer nights at the beach.


Shayla RomperBKI Cropped Applique


Nikki, Assistant Mens Designer

This T-shirt is as close as I’ll get to experiencing summer in the 1920s, and the dress is effortless and perfect for a barefoot summer picnic.

East Egg Loungers Tee, Tippi Printed Dress


Tommy, E-commerce Partnerships Coordinator

I like the muted colors of the shirt and the clean styling of the shorts. I don’t usually wear shorts unless it’s incredibly hot and these are a great pair.  I would recommend rolling up the cuffs just a bit.

Atmosphere Colonel Plaid Shirt, Solstice Short


Betsy, Merchandising Assistant

The Dixie Short is a perfect pop of color for my summer wardrobe and the Notice Stripe Top adds dimension and style to any ensemble. I love the chevron detail.

Dixie Cuffed Denim Short, Notice Stripe Top



BKI Takes Part in AIDS Walk NYC

Monday, May 21st, 2012


While it’s pretty rare for for us to set our alarms for 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning, it was definitely worth meeting up with the BKI team on a beautiful day in Central Park to take part in our first AIDS Walk NYC. Here are a few pics from the beautiful day of the team in BKI’s Pride shirts, designed by our graphic designer, Meagan Buis. 45,000 people showed up to the event, raising over 6 million dollars combined. We’ll definitely be back next year!

The BKI Staff Takes a Hike in Support of AIDS Walk 2012

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Above: Ajay Bedi

For the first time, Brooklyn Industries will be participating in the world’s largest AIDS fundraising campaign, AIDS Walk New York on May 20th. Now in its 27th year, the walk was originally organized by Gay Men’s Health Crisis which was started with only six men operating an AIDS hotline in 1981 – long before the epidemic entered the national consciousness. BKI’s involvement in the walk arose from the initiative Ajay Bedi, of one of our employees at our Dumbo store. Besides his retail work, Bedi is also a Production Associate and Fundraising Specialist for AIDS Walk. Not only did Bedi see an opportunity to fuse two of his loves – fashion and fundraising, he also saw a great opportunity to work for an event that he views as a Ghostbusters moment – an opportunity for all New Yorkers to come together.

Last year’s walk raised 6.7 million, and many of the top fundraising teams were retailers. As a company with multiple stores and employees, BKI is harnessing the idea of power in numbers in order to raise a significant amount. To donate to the BKI team, click here.

Other resources

Gay Men’s Health Crisis

AIDS Walk New York

Meet the Staff: Rohan

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Name: Rohan Bailey

Current occupation at BKI: Store Associate/Model

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite BKI item (new or old): Fade Garment pants I have ALL THE COLORS.

Favorite place to eat: Neely’s BBQ Parlor. If you haven’t already been, please check it out. Also Steak ‘n Shake – I love it!!!!!

In my fridge today: Left over pasta, chicken salad, Gatorade, fish nuggets and some sandwich meat.

I get my coffee at: My girlfriend makes the best coffee I have ever had LOL, so to answer your question – at her place!!!

When I was 16, I was wearing: Polo button downs, skinny jeans, Nike Dunks and a Burberry Hoodie! Niceeee!

Favorite thing to do in Brooklyn during the Summer: Taking long walks and getting inspiration for my clothing line and finding new restaurants or lounges.

Secret NYC spot: Private Stock on Bergen Street.

Favorite book: Killing Sacred Cows by Garrett Gunderson

Favorite word: Cha-ching

On my iPod right now: Childish Gambino, Cyhi Da Prynce, Ryan Leslie , John Legend and Robin Thicke.

How I Live, Work, Create: I Live Fashion by the way I dress and carry myself and by working in that field. I work in a store where you can kind of be yourself and standout with your own style and that allows me to create some incredibly dope ideas for my soon to be released clothing line,  MSTRB – pronounced MisterB.