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This Built America- Episode 5: Brooklyn Industries

Friday, April 25th, 2014

This Built America and AOL highlights Brooklyn Industries as the featured New York company in their 50 state series on companies that are helping to build the manufacturing industry in the United States.

View the entire episode on Brooklyn Industries here.

Creative Inspiration

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

At the studio of Red Antler in Dumbo, Brooklyn

I get inspired at work by looking out our Dumbo office window every so often at the skyline view of Manhattan. It’s always the same, and never the same. - Judy, Marketing
My picks: Creekside TankTulip Maxi SkirtPebble Tote & Crossbody


I get inspired by eating good sushi. I also get inspiration from the interesting people and things on the streets of New York. - Koh, Window Designer
My picks: Paddington RaincoatSlater Pocket Sweater


Listening to electronic, sad, or country music usually inspires me, but if I get really stuck creatively, I take the Archimedes approach and try and step away for a long walk past rundown warehouses. - Teddy, Art Director
My picks: Lawrence Floral ShirtDillon Tweed Pant

Best. Holiday Tees. Ever.

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Graffiti Santa

Long lines of crying kids at Macy’s? Fuhgeddaboutit. This year, we’re celebrating the release of our two new limited edition Santa tees with a chance for you to get your holiday card pics with Nick, The Brooklyn Santa in our photobooth at Brooklyn Industries SoHo on Saturday, December 7th from 1pm-4pm. Get free photo strips, and have cookies and milk (or Brooklyn Brewery beer) with Nick.

About Nick:
Occupation: Graphic Designer / Gift giver (Winters)
Residence: North Pole (Winters), South Williamsburg (Summers)
Hobbies: baking/skating/tagging/fixing bikes and sleds
Favorite restaurant: Momofuku Milk Bar
Favorite bar: Rolf’s in Gramercy
Favorite band: Sleigh Bells


Skater Santa


Happy Halloween from Brooklyn Industries!

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Gianluca: The Man, The Beard, The Legend

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


It’s time to say goodbye to our early fall model, Italian Gianluca who has received so much love from our fans (with the exception of a few haters). Before leaving us, Gianluca shared some of the secrets behind his now legendary beard.

So tell us about that beard… real or not? And if real, how long did it take to grow?
My beard is real!!! It’s the beard!!!!
Shampoo, conditioner, dry brush, and tonic every single day!!!
I was in a Milano subway and a photographer in front of me told me that: let’s grow your beard, go to NYC and rock!!!!
I’m here!!! Beard man!!!!

How is it modeling in NY, especially with that beard!?
It’s unique style…NYC is more commercial…but even like that I’m working well!
People around the city love my beard…then if you need something different Beard Man is in town to rock!

How do you Live, Work, Create?

My motto is live as better as possible…. And wake up in the morning and create something that makes my day the best day ever….ahhhh I forgot… but not stress, please.

View the lookbook here.


For the Love of Summer

Friday, June 28th, 2013

BKI store managers Randi in Park Slope on 7th Ave., and Ryan in South Williamsburg on Broadway share their favorite Brooklyn summer spots in their respective hoods in their favorite sale outfits.


Randi at Greenwood Park in the Sea Spray Top and Wading Pool Shorts.

Greenwood Park - The beer garden opened a couple of years ago and is awesome. The drink specials are good, they have fantastic bar food (the veggie burgers are particularly good), and no matter when I go, the bartenders working always seem to be playing music off my personal playlist. It’s large enough for groups, with bocce ball outside, but also can be a sweet spot for a date. I absolutely love spending summer evenings with friends atGreenwood ParkGreenwood Park – 555 7th Ave, South Slope, Brooklyn


Randi at Roots Café in the Creekside Pocket Tank and Audrey Printed Pleat Skirt.

Roots Café - Roots Café has become the gathering spot for all of my friends and me. It is a cozy, charming little café right in the heart of South Slope. The Stumptown and Forty Weight coffee are top notch and the food definitely falls in the comfort food area, so it’s always delicious and hits the spot. Also, the guy who owns the place is an incredibly handsome Southern transplant who makes sure grits and sweet tea are always available (he happens to also be my husband!). Roots Café – 639 5th Ave, South Slope, Brooklyn

I also love the trails of Prospect Park - I actually don’t do well with the summer heat. Being from Alabama, I only want to be outside in the summer if I am on the water or under a heavy canopy of trees. While the beach is close by, and I love heading out there as often as possible, my local escape is the wooded area of Prospect Park. My husband and I love to take walks through the trails, then spread out a picnic under a shade tree, listen to Zeppelin Pandora and let the afternoon roll on by. It’s pretty much an off day ritual for us. Park Slope, Brooklyn


Ryan by The East River in the Mountaineer Shirt and Victor Twill Pants.

The East River - I always enjoy quiet time here all along its riverbanks, either alone or with friends. It’s a little slice of solitude for me within this big city. Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Berry Park - A place to unwind with a wide selection of beer and many summer specialty drinks to choose from. The combination of a great view of the city and great music truly makes you feel like you’re in the best city in the world. Berry Park - 4 Berry St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Meet Kyle, Store Manager at BKI Bay Ridge

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013


Name: Kyle Peterson

Current occupation at BKI: Store Manager in Bay Ridge

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Now living in: Washington Heights

Currently obsessed with: Rupaul’s Drag Race. #TeamJinkx

Favorite place to eat: Cafeteria in Chelsea simply for mac and cheese spring rolls.

In my fridge today: Leftover Domino’s and delectable German beer (priorities!)

Favorite dive bar: Rudy’s in Hells Kitchen hands down. Cheap pitchers and free hot dogs. Duct tape booths complete the ambiance!

Favorite thing to do in BK during the Summer: My favorite place in NYC is the Brooklyn Bridge. I love when I end up in DUMBO over the summer so I can walk the bridge into Manhattan.

Favorite BKI Tee: Forever Jung

If I had a super power it would be… teleportation. Just think how much time you’d save!

When I was 16, I was wearing: Sadly, oversized track hoodies (not in an ironic way), “witty” t-shirts and JNCO jeans. It was a rough time.

Favorite book: The Silmarillion by Tolkien or really anything by Tolkien.

On my iPod right now: An amalgam of Robyn, Gaga, Cher, Simon and Garfunkel, and Death Cab with a smattering of (classic) rock and a healthy dose of showtunes.

Favorite Blog: I’m lame and don’t read many blogs but the one I look at the most often would be Rachel Maddow’s.

How I Live, Work, Create: I spend a lot of time thinking about future projects I’d like to do in film or photography. I should be starting one soon, but first I need a camera. :/

*Kyle will be spearheading Brooklyn Industries AIDS Walk team this year. Help the team fundraise at the BKI AIDS Walk event on Thursday, May, 9th 2013 at the Park Slope store from 5:30pm -8:30pm. For more info, click here.

Happy Birthday, John Hughes!

Sunday, February 17th, 2013


In honor of our 80’s inspired Flash Knit Top and Daredevil Pant, some die-hard John Hughes fans here at the office offered up their favorite moments from his films:

Weird Science was my favorite. I was very much a book and video game nerd growing up. Every scene was magical! “Two nerdish boys attempt to create the perfect woman, but she turns out to be more than that”…the tag line says it all. -Josh


Maybe not my favorite, but the most poignant Hughes scene for me is at the end of Pretty in Pink where you think Molly Ringwald is going to go for Duckie (the good guy), but instead chooses rich, pretty boy Andrew McCarthy. That pretty much encapsulated high school for me. -Teddy

My nickname was Molly in high school and college because I used to dress like her.  My favorite scene is from Pretty in Pink (all time favorite movie), when Molly is all ready for the prom and standing in front of her dad. I believe her dad says something to the affect of, “Your guy is gonna fall through the floor when he sees you” and she then goes on to explain how he really won’t, he’s not coming, and she wants to go to show they didn’t break her. I just like the single father/misfit daughter dynamic of the scene and how proud he is of her. -Jill


This is a painfully hard question however I would have to say Emilio Estevez weeping about Larry Lester’s buns is my favorite scene from The Breakfast Club. Seeing a sensitive bro melts my heart. Also I get told fairly frequently that I am reminiscent of Ally Sheedy which always makes me happy. -Eva


In Pretty in Pink, when Andie is up in her room sewing that crazy pink dress for prom, so determined to solve her boy problems in a creative way, yet all alone with her feelings, I was like “I get you, girl!” I definitely didn’t have a Duckie to fall back on, though. -Julie


What We’re Doing for Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 7th, 2013


Shop the Gift Guide here, for whatever it is you’re doing.


Wear to Work Favorites

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Name: Jason Zwickl
What I do at Brooklyn Industries: Technical Designer
Personal style: Ecletic – I was wearing rubber suspenders yesterday.
Currently living in: Bed-Stuy 


Look 1: Lawrence Woven Buttondown
I love the slim and young fit of this shirt. The crisp fabric and sharp color of the plaid make it easy to dress up or down. Plus I love the contrast fabric on the inside cuff. 
Fade Pants in Lemon Drop
The color is what grabbed my attention, it’s a great shade of yellow, ready for spring! Normally it’s hard for me to find pants that fit well all over, but this is definitely a great one. It’s a slim pant, but it’s still comfortable for doing any daily task.


Look 2: Borderland Jacket
This durable jacket has plenty of pockets, 8 to be exact, so I can keep everything I need on me all the time. Plus this neutral color let’s the details do all the talking, for example the blue inside lining and matching blue zipper tape! 
Amaze Stripe Sweater
I’ve always loved anything blue, but what’s really special is this sweater’s stripe layout, varied widths of blue and white make this really stand out. Since it’s made of cotton, it’s breathable and easy to layer without overdressing.