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Flying Sharks and Flamingos

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014


It’s a flying shark party in our windows this month – and the flamingos are definitely invited. Design by @koh_tomioka #windows #art #installation #shark #pink #flamingo. Photo via Brooklyn Industries Instagram

Shoot: Photo Exhibition

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013


Join us on the evening of Thursday, July 11th at the Brooklyn Industries Greenpoint location where we will be showing some prints from our summer lookbook shot by Lauren Silberman. Come enjoy drinks and DJ set by Ben Steidel (Lemonade/Co-op 87).


Click here to RSVP.


For the Love of Summer

Friday, June 28th, 2013

BKI store managers Randi in Park Slope on 7th Ave., and Ryan in South Williamsburg on Broadway share their favorite Brooklyn summer spots in their respective hoods in their favorite sale outfits.


Randi at Greenwood Park in the Sea Spray Top and Wading Pool Shorts.

Greenwood Park - The beer garden opened a couple of years ago and is awesome. The drink specials are good, they have fantastic bar food (the veggie burgers are particularly good), and no matter when I go, the bartenders working always seem to be playing music off my personal playlist. It’s large enough for groups, with bocce ball outside, but also can be a sweet spot for a date. I absolutely love spending summer evenings with friends atGreenwood ParkGreenwood Park – 555 7th Ave, South Slope, Brooklyn


Randi at Roots Café in the Creekside Pocket Tank and Audrey Printed Pleat Skirt.

Roots Café - Roots Café has become the gathering spot for all of my friends and me. It is a cozy, charming little café right in the heart of South Slope. The Stumptown and Forty Weight coffee are top notch and the food definitely falls in the comfort food area, so it’s always delicious and hits the spot. Also, the guy who owns the place is an incredibly handsome Southern transplant who makes sure grits and sweet tea are always available (he happens to also be my husband!). Roots Café – 639 5th Ave, South Slope, Brooklyn

I also love the trails of Prospect Park - I actually don’t do well with the summer heat. Being from Alabama, I only want to be outside in the summer if I am on the water or under a heavy canopy of trees. While the beach is close by, and I love heading out there as often as possible, my local escape is the wooded area of Prospect Park. My husband and I love to take walks through the trails, then spread out a picnic under a shade tree, listen to Zeppelin Pandora and let the afternoon roll on by. It’s pretty much an off day ritual for us. Park Slope, Brooklyn


Ryan by The East River in the Mountaineer Shirt and Victor Twill Pants.

The East River - I always enjoy quiet time here all along its riverbanks, either alone or with friends. It’s a little slice of solitude for me within this big city. Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Berry Park - A place to unwind with a wide selection of beer and many summer specialty drinks to choose from. The combination of a great view of the city and great music truly makes you feel like you’re in the best city in the world. Berry Park - 4 Berry St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn


‘Shoot: Brooklyn Summer’ – The 2013 Summer Campaign

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Photographer Lauren Silberman first caught our eye last summer with her After Partyseries, a five year project depicting thrashed scenes of toppled over beer cans and saturated streamers in DIY party spots. We loved the spotlight on the overlooked, discarded, and often under appreciated beauty of these sometimes secret Brooklyn spots. So as summer rolled back around this year, we picked up the phone and called her up.

For the shoot, we also wanted to spotlight the unseen, so we turned the camera on the photographer, and shot nearly 5000 stills of Lauren that we culled down to about 700 shots for the video above. Starting from her Greenpoint apartment, then on to Bushwick, we captured Lauren in our similarly DIY Brooklyn Industries shoots – on the street or in bodegas and bars, with minimal equipment. When it started to rain, Lauren got into the spirit of our shoot and simply popped open an umbrella, capturing our equally adventurous street casted models. 

After the shoot, Lauren reflected, “It was awesome to work with such a cool team that was so flexible – especially in light of the uncooperative weather. It was great that we were able to improvise on locations. I guess that’s one of the many great things about Brooklyn – there are so many possibilities and so many options here, and when one thing doesn’t go as expected, therein lies a possibility for something different, and even better. 






Rockaway Revisited – The Summer 2013 Collection

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013



In the Summer of 2012, the Brooklyn Industries design team took a trip out to Rockaway Beach to gather design inspiration for the Summer 2013 collection. The sandy stretch of beach just east of Brooklyn has always been a favorite of ours, from summer beach trips and dance parties on the boardwalk to visits with close friends and relatives living on the island to photo shoots in Breezy Point. But between the inspiration visit and this year’s shoot, the Rockaways received an unwelcome visitor – insane mother nature.


While the majority of Brooklyn outside of Redhook and Coney Island was spared from the destruction from Hurricane Sandy, Rockaway Beach in Queens wasn’t as lucky. A large number of homes were destroyed or consumed by fires, businesses were shuttered, and people were without electricity and transportation for an extended period of time. The same week as the hurricane, Brooklyn Industries organized a donation drive at its stores to directly benefit victims from the hurricane on Rockaway. The day after the drive, many Brooklyn gas stations had run out of gas, and our own delivery truck had been rendered immobile, but thanks to the community stepping up and offering their own gas-filled cars as transport for the donations, the communities in the Rockaways were able to receive the donations collected the day after. In the wake of such a traumatic experience, it was comforting for our company to see the kind of community we operated in – one that came together and rose up to the challenges from adversity.


The beach revisited in 2013 bared little resemblance to the design inspiration trip of 2012. The long stretches of wooden boardwalk the team had strolled down for miles were not just damaged – they were completely missing, leaving bare concrete supports and lending an unusual sculptural element to the beach. Sand sidling up against torn concrete looked more like Fallujah than the Rockaways immortalized by the Ramones. Yet through some of the destruction, electrical trucks were repairing damaged lines, crews could be seen clearing out debris, and for many storefronts, it was business as usual. One thing we’ve learned about New Yorkers over the years – we’re a resilient bunch of builders and creators.


View the lookbook here.

Our Staff Picks Their Summerwear

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Concentration is always a challenge during summertime in New York as our minds tend to wander out the window towards the beautiful weather, BBQs, beaches, music festivals, and parties. Yesterday, we took some of our staff on a trip to our Dumbo store to see what they’d pick out for their summer celebrations.

Helena, E-commerce Merchandiser

This romper is the perfect playsuit for all my outdoor BBQing and dancing! The applique is super cute and warm for those chilly summer nights at the beach.


Shayla RomperBKI Cropped Applique


Nikki, Assistant Mens Designer

This T-shirt is as close as I’ll get to experiencing summer in the 1920s, and the dress is effortless and perfect for a barefoot summer picnic.

East Egg Loungers Tee, Tippi Printed Dress


Tommy, E-commerce Partnerships Coordinator

I like the muted colors of the shirt and the clean styling of the shorts. I don’t usually wear shorts unless it’s incredibly hot and these are a great pair.  I would recommend rolling up the cuffs just a bit.

Atmosphere Colonel Plaid Shirt, Solstice Short


Betsy, Merchandising Assistant

The Dixie Short is a perfect pop of color for my summer wardrobe and the Notice Stripe Top adds dimension and style to any ensemble. I love the chevron detail.

Dixie Cuffed Denim Short, Notice Stripe Top




Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Our Summer 2010 Collection has arrived, with lively super-imposed photographic imagery from the 1960′s! Our new campaign was inspired by vintage travel and features BKI employees. Throughout the month of April we’ll be profiling employees in the campaign on the blog and in the BKI Community section of our site!

The women’s collection is lush with color-blocked knit sweaters, fashion fleece, relaxed fit pleated pants, trench coats, two-way dresses, and comfortable cotton skirts. The men’s collection is complete with lightweight super soft hoodies, blazers, casual and dress shorts, slub cotton polos and custom plaid shirts.

Don’t be shy. Tell us what you think!


Friday, March 12th, 2010

We’re photographing our new summer 2010 campaign today. It’s raining outside, but inside it’s all smiles. The new campaign, which is being photographed by Lexy, will feature BKI employees! In our sneak peak photo below Pattra, our women’s wear designer, is being photographed by Lexy with the help of our stylist Allison. Pattra is wearing our Nightlife Dress and a necklace from our cool new jewelry line. Both will be available soon!


Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Today we launched our Welcome to Summer ’09 collection against the backdrop of a brighter, playful Brooklyn. Photographed in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill and Williamsburg neighborhoods, the collection features tailored dresses, non-traditional denim colors, smart graphic tees, hoodies and totes.

Photographer and Brooklyn Industries’ CEO Lexy Funk captured the essence of summer in the city showcasing our new collection of clothing in happier destinations, such as ice cream parlors, parks and waterfronts, still while portraying Brooklyn’s grittiness. Select photographs include zoo animal inflatables that are reflective of the current Brooklyn Industries’ store window displays, which represent the optimism of a new season.


Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Today, we launched our Summer 2009 campaign, which was photographed by our CEO Lexy Funk. The collection, which was inspired by the extraordinary photo-based paintings of Gerhard Richter, is the second collection photographed by Funk this year. In March, Funk photographed the Summer Preview Collection inside Brooklyn Industries’ 22,000 square foot office, warehouse and photo studio in Brooklyn. This time, Funk hit the streets just outside our office door to photograph the Summer Collection. Highlights from the Summer Collection include bright, vibrant colors taken to the next level. Men’s woven shirts, men’s shorts, women’s knits and women’s dresses are available in an array of color ways that include limeade to bright red. New bags include totes and bagpacks with throwback 80s gym bag styling with modern functionality. Also look for new t-shirts with cool creatures. A highlight this month is Spectocularz, which features a keen, three-eyed, spectacled cat whose vision is quite spectacular!