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How They Styled It – Pi Day Edition

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

In celebration of 3.14, we treated ourselves to Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Gowanus, Brooklyn for some delicious salted caramel apple pie. For this sunny, spring day, I chose a statement plaid, which called for simple, slim cargos to balance the look. Add on a cardigan with a lightweight cotton jacket, and no one will notice if you go back for a second helping.

We’re also offering 14% off up to 3 items when you use the code PIDAY at checkout (the code works on sale items too) – for today only!

-Tommy, E-commerce

We Dressed Up, Ate Donuts, Danced, and Crashed

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

What a night! Our New York friends came out en masse for our Crash Into Spring Fashion Event during Fashion Week to check out the new line, installation and video art, feast on Dough donuts and Brooklyn Gin, and of course, boogie to some great music courtesy of DJ So Super Sam. We can’t wait for the next party for the summer line!

Know Your Wool – Dale Breaks Down Where Sweater Fabric Comes From

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Dale, our Senior Designer breaks down her fabric preference – wool, and the different animals they come from. From Arctic fishermen to urbane fashionistas, wool is consistently favored for its greater warmth, enduring quality, and stylish appearance.  Critter illustrations courtesy of Meagan, our Graphic Designer.

Fluorescent Orange Say Hello to Henna

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Of late our stylist Human Resources coordinator Madoka has been wearing this truly awesome fluorescent orange nail polish from Face Stockholm.  We also put orange on our model Serena’s lips ( check her out above against a delapidated Brooklyn Navy Yard Wall).  Above Serena is wearing a pink version on her lips and the Camelia Jacket.  We highly recommend pairing the jacket, or the color, or the nail polish this with our Kingston Corduroy Pants in Henna, or the Charisma Dress in Rust.

Mary Queen of Scots is Mad for Plaid

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Mary Queen of Scots probably never wore plaid.  She is the Scottish Queen who was imprisoned for 19 years and then executed by Elizabeth 1st for threatening to overtake the throne.  This 4 pocket dress with knot buttons might not save you from insurrection but it will revolutionize your workplace and home life and day to night life and love life.   Or, if nothing else, it will instantly transport you ( via a freighter) to a Scottish heath where Heathcliff might indeed come and sweep you away…to a tower.


Monday, August 16th, 2010



Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

You are going to want it all! The clothing, that is. And maybe even your very own super-imposed image. The collection launches tomorrow. Be sure to check it out.


Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

We´re pretty thrilled to introduce our new limited edition jewelry collection. It´s exclusive to our website and select Brooklyn Industries stores in New York and Brooklyn. Designs by Lillian Crowe, Jessica Matrasko and Cheryl Dufault will be available online and at select Brooklyn Industries stores while supplies last, so we suggest making your way to a store or visiting our online shop very soon!

Jewelry by Lillian Crowe is available online and at Brooklyn Industries in Soho. Crowe uses materials reclaimed from former jewelry factories to make her creations. Her pieces range from delicate pinecone pendants and ribbon necklaces to the larger statement necklaces of steer skulls and ribcages that evoke a darker, gothic theme. Pieces range from $28 – $110 each.

Jessica Matrasko Jewelry, available online and at Brooklyn Industries in Soho features imperfect stones with irregular shapes and colors. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Most designs are painted with 14k gold while others are wrapped by hand. Her pieces range from $22 – $172 each.

Designs by Cheryl Dufault can be found online and at Brooklyn Industries in Union Square. Vintage compasses, antique pocket knives and other whimsical items evoke nostalgia for the past. Dufault’s handmade pieces incorporate vintage and natural found objects! These designs, which are often strung on vegan leather cords, range from $46 – $132 each.

Get it while it´s hot and in stock!

FASHION HOTEL: The Fall Preview Collection & Photography Campaign Has Arrived

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Our Fall Preview Collection, shot by our CEO and in-house photographer Lexy Funk, has launched! The campaign features sexy photos shot inside Brooklyn’s Nu Hotel, as well as on the streets of Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood.

The campaign, photographed by CEO Lexy Funk, includes a black and white photo series shot in a hotel room, as well as in-color photos taken against the backdrop of Brooklyn’s industrial streets. We are very excited for this collection! It features super-soft cotton knits, slouchy cardigans, cropped blazers, two-tonal wovens, everyday denim, and transitional jackets for both men and women. The collection’s colors are rich, with deep blues and romantic purples.

The collection is available online now, and in stores next week. For our fans, we are offering an exclusive fall preview discount of 15% off the new collection online through Sunday, June 28 – just plug in code PREVIEW15 at checkout.


Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Today, we launched our Summer 2009 campaign, which was photographed by our CEO Lexy Funk. The collection, which was inspired by the extraordinary photo-based paintings of Gerhard Richter, is the second collection photographed by Funk this year. In March, Funk photographed the Summer Preview Collection inside Brooklyn Industries’ 22,000 square foot office, warehouse and photo studio in Brooklyn. This time, Funk hit the streets just outside our office door to photograph the Summer Collection. Highlights from the Summer Collection include bright, vibrant colors taken to the next level. Men’s woven shirts, men’s shorts, women’s knits and women’s dresses are available in an array of color ways that include limeade to bright red. New bags include totes and bagpacks with throwback 80s gym bag styling with modern functionality. Also look for new t-shirts with cool creatures. A highlight this month is Spectocularz, which features a keen, three-eyed, spectacled cat whose vision is quite spectacular!